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    How to Start Dropshipping For Free in 2024 with Shopify: The Ultimate Guide

    Written by: nur Islam



    Time to read 26 min

    Are you interested in starting a dropshipping business but don't have the capital to invest? Don't worry, because it is possible to start dropshipping for free. With platforms like Shopify and suppliers like AliExpress, you can get your dropshipping business up and running without spending a dime.

    In this article, we will explore how to start dropshipping with no money, providing you with all the information you need to kickstart your dropshipping journey. We will delve into the dropshipping business model, answer some common dropshipping faq, and discuss how to make your dropshipping venture profitable.

    Whether you're new to the world of ecommerce or looking to start a dropshipping business, this guide will give you the tools and knowledge to start your journey without breaking the bank. So if you're ready to start dropshipping for free, keep reading to learn how to get started. 

    Important Points for Starting a Dropshipping Business Without Money

    1. It's possible to start a dropshipping business without money, but keeping it completely free can be tough.
    2. Use free services, platforms, and plugins to run your business without spending.
    3. Make your business stand out with a unique logo, a well-designed website, and a catchy name.
    4. Use free marketing like social media and content created by your users.
    5. AliExpress is a good option for free dropshipping.
    6. Success depends on choosing reliable suppliers with good reviews and having a solid plan for fulfilling orders.
    7. Where you live doesn't affect your ability to start a dropshipping business.

    Can you start dropshipping with no money?

    Starting Dropshipping Without Money? Yes, It's Possible!

    Yes, you can start a dropshipping business without spending any money. But remember, keeping all costs at zero can be tough.

    Here's how you can do it:

    • Use free services, platforms, and plugins to run your dropshipping business without spending.
    • Look for free trials and always choose free options when you can.
    • Spend time researching to find products that will make your business successful.
    • Some e-commerce platforms even offer free hosting for your website.
    Why consider free dropshipping

    Why consider free dropshipping?

    Why Many People Choose Free Drop-shipping? There are several reasons:

    1. Low Startup Costs: The big plus of free dropshipping is that it doesn't cost much to start. You don't buy products until someone orders them, so there's no need to keep a bunch of items in stock. This saves money and cuts down on risks.

    2. Easy to Start: Setting up a dropshipping business is pretty straightforward. You don't have to handle making, packing, or shipping products. The supplier does all that, so you can focus on selling and helping customers.

    3. Lots of Products to Sell: With drop-shipping, you can offer many different products without having to store them. You can work with several suppliers and have a variety of items for your customers.

    4. Work from Anywhere: You can run a drop-shipping business from anywhere with internet. This means you can work from home or while traveling.

    5. Easy to Grow Your Business: As your business gets bigger, you can add more products and reach more customers easily. You don't need extra space or a lot of new tools to grow.

    However, free dropshipping also has some challenges, like a lot of competition, making less money on each sale, and sometimes having issues with product quality and delivery times. It's important to find trustworthy suppliers to make sure your customers are happy.

    Overall, free dropshipping can be a good choice for starting an online business without spending a lot of money upfront, and it's flexible too.

    How do you start dropshipping for free

    How do you start dropshipping for free?

    Here is how you can start drop shopping for free today:

    1. Pick a niche: Pick cheap shipping areas, such as clothes or pet items.

    2. Find Good Products: Look for cheap and special things on websites like AliExpress and Amazon.

    3. Choose Reliable Suppliers: Find highly rated sellers with fast shipping.

    4. Set Up a Free Store: You can use Amazon, social media platforms, or a little bit of money for Shopify to get things done.

    5. List Products: Try Canva for free to make captivating images and descriptions.

    6. Brand Your Business: Create a logo and build a distinct brand image.

    7. Market for Free: For promoting things, use social media and email.

    8. Offer Great Support: Offer customer support through email and chatbots. Need help starting a drop-shipping business without any money? 

    Look here! I have all the information you need to start drop-shipping without spending a lot of money.

    Just you need to follow these steps:

    Can you start dropshipping with no money

    1. Choose your niche

    It's important to choose a niche carefully for dropshipping success. It's not just about making quick money, but about doing well in the long run. Pick a niche you really like and can stick with.

    Look for niches where you can ship items for free. Some good choices are clothes, pet products, and gardening tools. These are usually light and don't cost much for suppliers to ship.

    Now, how do you find the best products in your niche? I'll talk about that next.

    2. Identify profitable dropshipping products

    Choosing the Right Products is Crucial for Dropshipping

    From my experience, the products you sell really determine how well your dropshipping store does.

    I've found that 'winning products' are the best to dropship. These are items that are:

    • Unique: They're different and have special features that make them stand out.
    • Hard to Find: These could be exclusive or limited edition items that aren't easy to get.
    • Reasonably Priced: They're a good deal for the quality you get.

    There are many ways to look for these winning products. I'm going to share the methods I personally use to find them.


    Search on AliExpress

    To find good products for dropshipping, check out the AliExpress Dropshipping Center. They have lots of affordable items.

    Also, don't forget to look at:

    • The Hot Products section: This part shows you the most popular items based on current trends.

    • Trusted supplier rank: This helps you find the best suppliers. It ranks them based on how reliable they are, how much they sell, and how long they've been on AliExpress.

    Search Amazon & eBay

    Amazon and eBay are full of sellers with a wide range of products. To find the best ones:

    1. On Amazon:
    2. On eBay:
      • Use the Watch Count feature. It shows how many people are interested in an item. Products with more watchers might be good for your dropshipping store.
    Can you start dropshipping with no money

    Discovering Products on TikTok & Instagram

    Instagram and TikTok are also great for product ideas.

    • Use hashtags to find items in your niche. For example, for pet products, try #dogfashion or #pettoys to see what's hot.

    • Search for tags like #tiktokmademebuyit, #viralproduct, and #amazonfinds. These can show you popular items and reviews to help you pick products.

    Use is a tool to help find good products for dropshipping. It gives you a free trial for 7 days and has many features to help you pick profitable items.

    I like the Sales Tracker feature. It shows sales data and popular products from other stores.

    Look at the items that made the most money. They are probably winning products.

    Also, use the Product Database to find more ideas for your niche. You can check the price, monthly sales, revenue, and other information to find the best products to sell.

    • Sales Tracker: This shows you what other stores are selling the most. Products with high sales are probably good choices.
    • Product Database: Here, you can get more ideas for your niche. It shows prices, monthly sales, and other important info to help you choose the best products.

      Other Useful Features in

    • Portfolio: Each week, Dropship picks up to 40 potential winning products for you, based on your plan.
    • Chrome Extension: This tool lets you check out other stores while you browse. You can see their sales history, themes, apps, and more.
    • Numbers Breakdown: This calculator helps you figure out your possible profits by considering costs, how many orders you get, and your selling price.
    • Interests Explorer: Find less-known interests on Facebook to stay ahead of your competitors.
    • CPA, ROAS, and BEROAS Calculators: These tools help you understand your advertising costs and earnings. They're great for making sure your ads are profitable.

    For more tips on finding great products, you can read our guide, '10 Ways to Find Winning Products For Dropshipping.

    Supplier For Dropshipping Business

    3. Find a supplier

    When looking for a supplier for your dropshipping business, think about these things:

    1. Reliability and Reputation: Your supplier will manage the products and shipping, so choose someone you can trust.
    2. Look for a Supplier With:
      • Lots of positive reviews: Customers should be happy with their products and service.
      • High rating: A good rating shows they are reliable and do a good job.
      • Solid order fulfillment plan: They should handle orders quickly and accurately.
      • Quality products: They should sell well-made items that work well and last long.
      • Great customer service: They need to be quick and helpful in dealing with customers.

    Use these points to help you find the best supplier. Next, I'll tell you where to find dropshipping suppliers.

    Trade shows

    Trade shows are events where businesses display their products. You go to these shows to meet people and talk to potential suppliers. It's important to ask if they offer drop-shipping, as some do. Some vendors are happy to ship products directly to your customers.

    At a trade show, you can negotiate and get good deals. For example, you can ask the seller to lower their price, so you can make more money.

    On-demand providers

    You can use on-demand providers like Printful to get your products. These providers make custom printed items and ship them to customers. You can choose from their products and add your design using an app.

    Then, you can list these products on your store. When a customer orders something, the provider will print and ship it to them.

    AliExpress and Alibaba

    Alibaba and AliExpress: Chinese Online Selling Platforms

    Alibaba and AliExpress are like the Amazon of China. AliExpress is more for buying single items, while Alibaba is for buying in bulk.

    Here's how to use them for dropshipping:

    • Browse products like you're shopping.
    • When you find a product, talk to the seller.
    • Ask if they do dropshipping and can send items to different addresses.
    • Check their policies on returns and cancellations to make sure everything goes smoothly.

    One good thing about these platforms is they protect you. If there's a problem, you can report it, and Alibaba or AliExpress will help sort it out.

    create a free online store

    4. Create a free online store

    To make a free online store, use ecommerce and social media platforms. They have some limits, but allow free drop-shipping. 

    How to start dropshipping for free on Amazon

    Amazon offers a feature for drop-shipping your products, but you have to set it up yourself. Luckily, it's easy to do with the tools and templates provided. Here's a guide to help you set up your Amazon shop.

    1. Create an Amazon Seller Central Account: First, log into Amazon. Go to the 'Stores' tab in the main menu to start setting up your store.

    2. Set Up Your Storefront: Fill in your store's details, like your brand name and a logo. Make sure your logo is at least 400x400 pixels.

    3. Pick a Homepage Template: Amazon offers different templates for your store's homepage. Choose one, like Product Highlight or Product Grid, and then click 'Create Page.'

    4. Build Pages and Navigation: Make different pages for your store and set up a way for customers to navigate them. Add things like a bestseller's slider to show off popular items.

    5. Tag and Find Products: Search for products to sell by keywords or ASIN. Pick the ones you want to show in your store.

    6. Add More Pages: Use the 'add page' option in the Store builder menu to make your Amazon Storefront bigger. Customize each new page as you like.

    7. Submit for Review: When your store looks good, click 'Submit for publishing.' Amazon will check it over, which usually takes about 72 hours.

    Start Dropshipping on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok

    Dropshipping for Free on Social Media

    You can start dropshipping for free by setting up a store on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

    This won't cost you money, but there are some challenges. For example, to make good sales on Instagram or Facebook, you need a lot of followers. It can be tough to get noticed when you're new.

    But don't worry, it's not impossible. If you keep at it and work hard, you can be successful on these platforms.

    How to start dropshipping for free on Facebook

    How to start dropshipping for free on Facebook

    To start dropshipping for free on Facebook, you can follow these steps:

    Create a Facebook Page: Sign in to your Facebook account and go to the "Create" section. Select "Page" and choose a category for your dropshipping business. Fill in the required information and customize your page with a profile picture and cover photo.

    Set Up a Shop Section: Once your Facebook Page is created, go to the "Settings" tab and click on "Templates and Tabs." Scroll down to the "Tabs" section and click on "Add a Tab." Look for the "Shop" tab and click on "Add Tab" to enable the shop section on your page.

    Add Products to Your Shop: In the "Shop" tab, click on "Add Product" to start adding products to your shop. Fill in the product details, including the title, description, price, and images. You can also categorize your products to make it easier for customers to browse.

    Manage Orders and Payments: Facebook provides tools to manage orders and payments directly on the platform. You can set up payment options such as PayPal or Stripe to receive payments from customers. When a customer places an order, you will receive a notification and can process the order through the Facebook Page.

    Promote Your Products: To drive traffic and sales to your dropshipping business, you can promote your products on Facebook. Utilize Facebook's advertising tools to create targeted ads and reach potential customers. You can also leverage organic reach by regularly posting engaging content and interacting with your audience.

    It's important to note that while starting a dropshipping business on Facebook is free, there may be additional costs involved, such as product sourcing, marketing, and website development if you choose to expand beyond the Facebook platform.

    How to start dropshipping for free on Instagram

    How to start dropshipping for free on Instagram

    To start dropshipping for free on Instagram, you can follow these steps:

    Create an Instagram Business account: If you don't already have one, create an Instagram Business account. This will give you access to Instagram's shopping and advertising features.

    Use high-quality pictures of your products: Take or find high-quality images of your products to showcase on your Instagram account. Use filters, effects, and color adjustments to make your product images visually appealing.

    Batch create and schedule your Instagram posts: Instead of creating posts every day, consider batch creating and scheduling your Instagram posts in advance. This will save you time and ensure a consistent posting schedule.

    Use captions and hashtags intelligently: Write engaging captions that describe your products effectively and use relevant hashtags to reach a wider audience. Captions and hashtags can help attract more people to your dropshipping store on Instagram.

    Always add swipe-up links to posts: Take advantage of Instagram's swipe-up feature in Stories to add links to your products or website. This makes it easier for viewers to access your store and make purchases.

    Take advantage of Instagram Stories: Use Instagram Stories to promote your products, announce discounts, and engage with your audience. Stories provide a more personal and real-time way to connect with your followers.

    Collaborate with influencers: Consider partnering with influencers who have a large following in your niche. Influencer marketing can help increase brand awareness and drive more traffic to your dropshipping store on Instagram.

    Create Instagram ads: If you have a budget for advertising, you can create Instagram ads to reach a wider audience. Use Facebook's Ads Manager to design and run ads that promote your products and drive conversions.

    It's important to note that while you can start dropshipping for free on Instagram, there may be additional costs involved in terms of product sourcing, marketing, and advertising to scale your business.

    How to start dropshipping for free on TikTok

    How to start dropshipping for free on TikTok

    To start dropshipping for free on TikTok, you can follow these steps:

    Create a TikTok account: Download the TikTok app and create an account with your email, password, and personal information. Switch your personal account to a business account and choose your business category.

    Set up your dropshipping store: You will need a Shopify store to integrate with TikTok. Sign up for a Shopify account, choose a name for your store, add your company information, select a theme, and set up your payment methods.

    Find winning products: Use dropshipping tools like Dropified or research popular trends on TikTok to find winning products to sell. Consider your target audience, your expertise, and current trends in your niche.

    Import products to your store: Use the dropshipping tools to import products from platforms like AliExpress, eBay, or Etsy to your Shopify store. Add product details, images, prices, and variants.

    Promote your products on TikTok: Create engaging TikTok videos showcasing your products. Use organic marketing strategies like creating interesting content, engaging with users, and leveraging hashtags. You can also run TikTok ads to reach a wider audience.

    Fulfill customer orders: When you receive orders from customers, purchase the products from your suppliers and provide shipping details and payment methods. You can fulfill orders manually or use automation tools like Dropified to streamline the process.

    Communicate with your customers: Stay in touch with your customers through comments, direct messages, and live chats. Provide excellent customer service and address any inquiries or concerns they may have.

    It's important to note that while TikTok is a great platform for promoting your dropshipping business, it may require time and effort to build an audience and generate sales. Additionally, there may be costs involved in terms of product sourcing, marketing, and advertising to scale your business.

    How to start dropshipping for free on YouTube

    To start dropshipping for free on YouTube, you can follow these steps:

    1. Choose Your Niche: Select a product category that interests you and has demand. This could be anything from fashion accessories to tech gadgets.

    2. Research Products: Use Google Trends, Amazon Best Sellers, or AliExpress Top Selling items to find popular products in your niche.

    3. Create a YouTube Channel: Set up a YouTube channel focused on your niche. The channel should be professional and appealing to your target audience.

    4. Source Products: Find suppliers who offer dropshipping services. Platforms like AliExpress, Oberlo, or SaleHoo can be helpful for this. Look for suppliers with good reviews and reasonable shipping times.

    5. Make Informative Videos: Create content that showcases the products. This could include product reviews, unboxings, tutorials, or lifestyle content that incorporates the products.

    6. Set Up an Online Store: You can use platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce to create an online store. Many of these platforms offer free trials, but you'll eventually need to pay for hosting and other features.

    7. Link to Your Store in Videos: In your YouTube videos, include links to your online store where viewers can purchase the products. Make sure the links are visible in the video description.

    8. Use SEO and Keywords: Improve visibility on YouTube and search engines by using relevant keywords in your video titles, descriptions, and tags.

    9. Engage with Your Audience: Respond to comments, ask for feedback, and interact with viewers to build a community around your channel.

    10. Promote Your Channel: Use social media, forums, and other online platforms to promote your YouTube channel and drive traffic to your videos.

    Remember, while you can start for free, as your business grows, you may need to invest in better equipment for video production, advertising, and website enhancements. 

    Consistency and quality content are key to growing your audience and making your drop-shipping business successful on YouTube.

    How to start dropshipping on Shopify

    How to start dropshipping on Shopify 

    To start dropshipping on Shopify, follow these steps:

    Create a Shopify account: Go to the Shopify website and sign up for an account. You can choose a suitable pricing plan based on your business needs.

    Set up your store: Once you have created an account, you will be guided to set up your store. Choose a unique domain name for your store and customize the design using Shopify's themes and templates.

    Add products to your store: Shopify provides various options to add products to your store. You can either add your own products or use drop-shipping suppliers to fulfill orders. If you pick drop-shipping, you can connect your Shopify store with apps like Oberlo, Spocket, or Modalyst to import products.

    Customize your store: Personalize your store's look with a logo, collections, and payment and shipping choices. You can also add additional features and functionalities using Shopify apps from the Shopify App Store.

    Set up payment gateways: Configure payment gateways to accept payments from customers. Shopify supports various payment options like Shopify Payments, PayPal, Stripe, and more.

    Set up shipping methods: Determine your shipping rates and methods. You can set up flat rates, calculated rates, or offer free shipping based on your business strategy.

    Test your store: Before launching your store, it's important to test the entire buying process. Place test orders, check payment and shipping settings, and ensure everything is working smoothly.

    Launch your store: Once you are satisfied with the setup and testing, it's time to launch your store. Make sure to promote your store through marketing channels like social media, email marketing, and SEO to attract customers.

    Manage orders and fulfillment: As orders come in, manage them through the Shopify dashboard. If you are using drop-shipping, the order details will be automatically sent to your supplier for fulfillment.

    Monitor and optimize: Continuously monitor your store's performance, analyze sales data, and make necessary optimizations to improve your drop-shipping business on Shopify.

    To succeed in drop-shipping, you need to choose products carefully, market them well, and provide good customer service. Research your niche, find reliable suppliers, and offer excellent support to build a successful dropshipping business on Shopify. 

    For more information and guidance, visit the Shopify Help Center or refer to Shopify's official documentation on drop-shipping.

    5. Add your products

    After setting up your store, the next step is to add products. First, make some eye-catching images of your products. Then, take the descriptions your supplier gives you and add your own creative touch to make them unique.


    How to create product images using Canva

    Canva is a free and easy-to-use tool for creating product images. Here's how to do it:

    1. Choose a Template: Start with a pre-made template from Canva's big collection. These templates look good and save you time.

    2. Customize for Your Brand: Change colors, fonts, and layout to match your brand. You can edit every part of the design.

    3. Find Photos: Use Canva's search to find lots of pictures that go well with your product.

    4. Arrange Photos: Use the layouts feature to place your product photos neatly. This makes sure they fit well and look organized.

    5. Add Design Elements: You can add shapes, lines, illustrations, and icons to make your images more interesting.

    6. Add Text: Use the text tab for captions or calls to action.

    7. Pick a Background: Choose from Canva’s patterns or upload your own background.

    8. Save and Download: When you're done, save your image in the format you like

    6. Build a brand

    When you're dropshipping for free, having a strong brand is key. It makes you stand out and helps customers trust you.

    Begin by making a memorable logo that shows what your business is about. You can use free logo-making tools to create one quickly. I like using Shopify’s Hatchful. It has lots of ready-to-use designs to choose from.

    To make your business stand out, pick a catchy name that your customers will remember. You can use tools like:

    • NameSnack: An AI tool that suggests good domain names based on your type of business.

    • Hostinger logo maker: A generator that gives you unique and brandable business name ideas.

    • Brandroot: A place to buy memorable and catchy domain names.

    Then, think about how to give your brand a personality. People will see your brand like they see a person. Try to find ways to make your brand more appealing and relevant to your customers.

    For example:

    Give your brand a distinct voice and style

    Top dropshippers know how important it is to have a special voice for their brand.

    A voice that's consistent and trustworthy can create a strong emotional connection with customers.

    To make your brand voice unique, think about your brand's personality and who you want to reach. Make sure your tone, words, and messages match these ideas.

    For example, if your customers are into fitness, you'll want a voice that encourages and motivates them.

    Tell stories and share experiences from behind-the-scenes

    Connecting with Customers Through Behind-the-Scenes Stories

    Showing what happens behind the scenes is a great way to connect with your audience. Brands like Warby Parker and Pura Vida do this really well. They share real, unscripted looks into how they work, which builds trust and makes people like them more.

    You can make interesting behind-the-scenes (BTS) videos about your own story and how you do things. Then, share these videos on your marketing channels to reach more people and get them interested in what you do.

    7. Tap into free marketing channels

    Hey there, folks! Let's explore a popular subject - free marketing channels for your drop-shipping business, which is in high demand.

    Now, I know what you're thinking: "Free? In this day and age?" But stick with me, and I'll show you the ropes on how to spread the word about your business without spending a dime.

    Nawras's Nuggets of Wisdom

    First off, let's talk about Nawras. If you haven't checked out his YouTube video on marketing your product at zero cost, you're missing out. This guy's the real deal, offering insights that are worth their weight in gold. Trust me, you don't want to skip this.

    The Social Media Game

    Alright, let's get into the nitty-gritty. Social media – yes, the same platforms where you watch cute cat videos – can be your best friend in business.

    Platforms like Facebook and TikTok are not just free; they're a goldmine for entrepreneurs. Create a profile, and get posting. Remember, your social media page is like your business's face, so make it pretty!

    Creating Killer Content for Social Media

    Now, about what to post. Here's where you can really flex your creative muscles:

    • Visuals That Stop Scrollers in Their Tracks: Use stunning images that make people stop and stare. Play with angles, colors, textures. Make your products look so good that people can't help but want them. And hashtags? Use them like they're going out of style. #InstaWorthy and #MustHaveItems should be your go-to.

    • Behind-the-Scenes Magic: People love knowing how the sausage is made. Show them your process, how you ensure quality, and even your chats with suppliers. Transparency builds trust, and trust builds business.

    • Contests and Giveaways: Everybody loves free stuff. Run contests, ask for creative videos or captions, and watch your engagement skyrocket.

    • The Power of User-Generated Content: Encourage your customers to share their experiences. When they post about your products, it's like a personal endorsement to their network.
    email marketing

    Email Marketing: Your Secret Weapon

    Moving on to email marketing – it's like the Swiss Army knife of marketing tools. Start with a free email marketing tool and a signup form on your site. Offer something sweet in exchange for those precious email addresses – discounts, free shipping, contest entries. You name it, you offer it.

    Once you've got a list, it's time to work your magic. Send educational content, exclusive deals, and more. Keep your audience engaged and watch your business grow.

    Top Free Email Marketing Tools

    • Mailchimp: User-friendly and packed with features like customer journey mapping.
    • HubSpot: A powerhouse with a free CRM, email marketing, and analytics.
    • Omnisend: Perfect for e-commerce with customizable email and SMS marketing.
    • Moosend: Send unlimited emails a month to up to 1,000 subscribers.
    • MailerLite: Simple and effective with drag-and-drop editing.
    • Benchmark: AI-powered features for the tech-savvy marketer.
    • Brevo: Great for mobile campaigns with free email and SMS marketing tools.

    So, there you have it – a guide to spreading the word about your dropshipping business without spending a penny. Remember, in the world of marketing, creativity and persistence are your best assets. Now go out there and make some noise!

    8. Provide excellent customer support

    Getting people to buy from your store is just the start. To really grow, you need to make sure they keep coming back. Don't let the first sale be the only time you talk to a customer.

    Focus on making customers happy to keep earning money. You don't need to spend a lot to do this.

    One way to offer great service is by providing free shipping. This shows customers you care about their experience.

    For excellent support, just add an email address to your website or use a Facebook page for chat support. These are free ways to help your customers.

    Chatbots are a smart way to answer common customer questions automatically. They can really boost your customer service.

    Chatbots I suggest:

    • Botsify: A user-friendly chatbot maker that works in many languages. It uses AI and machine learning to get smarter over time.

    • Bold360: Create chatbots that work on all channels and understand complex language. Great for keeping your brand's personality in chats.

    • LivePerson: This chatbot is based on over 20 years of messages. It's good at having meaningful conversations and can work across different channels.

    • Zendesk Answer Bot: Links with your knowledge base for better chats on all channels. It has its own AI for understanding what customers need.

    Is AliExpress dropshipping free?

    AliExpress is a popular option for dropshippers. It's a B2C marketplace where you don't have to buy a lot of items at once. You can just ship one order at a time. Most sellers on AliExpress are happy to send products directly to your customers.

    Joining and shopping on AliExpress is free. However, not all products come with free shipping.

    To deal with this, you can add the shipping cost to the item's price. This means the item will cost more, but it lets you offer free shipping.

    If you're using Shopify, you can use tools like DSers to add products from AliExpress to your store.

    With AliExpress, you can dropship for free, no matter what ecommerce platform you're on.

    What are some good free dropshipping courses?

    If you're new to dropshipping, it's important to do your research and stay up-to-date.

    Dropshipping changes quickly, so you need to keep track of the latest trends and news.

    Check out Dropship University and our blog. Also You can find free dropshipping courses on Udemy and watch helpful YouTube videos.

    Using these resources, you'll learn a lot about dropshipping for free.

    Alternatives to free dropshipping

    Dropshipping is a great way to start a business without any money, but it's not the only option. Here are some other business ideas you can think about:

    1. Sell Digital Products: Make things like ebooks or digital art and sell them online. You can use free tools to create and sell your work.

    2. Offer Services Online: If you have skills in things like graphic design, you can work as a freelancer. Use freelance websites to find clients and start making money.

    3. Become an Affiliate Marketer: Talk about products and get paid when people buy them through your links. Join affiliate programs in your area of interest.

    4. Start a Print-on-Demand Business: Create designs for products like mugs or phone cases. When someone orders, they get printed and shipped without you needing to stock them.

    Does it matter where you live?‍

    You can pursue free drop-shipping no matter where you live. All you need is a computer and internet connection. These are the only things you need to start a drop-shipping business. So, whether you're in the US, Canada, Nigeria, India, or anywhere else, you can drop-ship without any restrictions.

    Free Dropshipping FAQ

    1. How to start dropshipping for free?

    Starting dropshipping for free is possible by using free dropshipping websites or leveraging free online store for dropshipping options provided by various platforms.

    2. What are the best free website builders for dropshipping?

    To create a free dropshipping store, consider using the best free website builder for dropshipping that offers customization and integrations required for dropshipping.

    3. How to make a dropshipping website for free?

    You can create a dropshipping website for free by utilizing tools and platforms that offer free dropshipping website builder services or by learning how to make website for dropshipping through online resources.

    4. Is dropshipping free to start?

    Dropshipping for free can be initiated, however, there are costs involved for running a business, such as marketing, domain hosting, etc. Utilize drop shipping for free options wisely to minimize initial expenses.

    5. How to create your own dropshipping website?

    To create your own dropshipping website, use free dropshipping website builder tools or follow tutorials on how to create a website for dropshipping available on online platforms.

    6. What are the steps to start a dropshipping business for free?

    To start dropshipping for free, research and select free dropshipping sites, then create a free dropshipping store using a free dropshipping website builder to showcase and sell products.

    7. How to make a dropshipping website for free?

    Learning how to make a dropshipping website for free involves choosing the best free website builder for dropshipping and then create website for dropshipping with a focus on user experience and seamless transactions.

    Nur Islam

    Nur Islam

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    Nur possesses an understanding of the intricacies involved in running a retail business and is particularly knowledgeable about the Shopify platform. His insights are based on experiences ensuring that readers can benefit from his advice.

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