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    Case Study

    HomeHarmony Interiors

    HomeHarmony Interiors is a luxury interior design brand that specializes in creating harmonious living spaces by blending modern aesthetics with classic elegance. Their portfolio ranges from urban apartments to sprawling villas, each space reflecting a unique blend of style and functionality.

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    HomeHarmony Interiors

    Toronto, Canada

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    Background & Initial Challenges

    When HomeHarmony approached Shopifico, they were renowned in local design circles but faced several challenges in scaling their brand:

    • Digital Portfolio: Their stunning designs were showcased in print magazines, but they lacked a comprehensive digital portfolio to reach a wider audience.
    • Client Engagement: The highly personalized nature of their service meant longer project cycles, leading to gaps in client engagement.
    • Global Aspirations: HomeHarmony aspired to take on international projects but lacked the digital tools and strategies to reach global clientele.
    • Sustainability Focus:  They were transitioning to eco-friendly design practices and wanted to highlight this shift without overshadowing their design prowess.

    Strategic Overhaul by Shopifico

    • Digital Showcase: Shopifico developed a visually rich website, highlighting HomeHarmony's projects through immersive photo galleries and virtual tours.
    • Client Portal: Introduced an interactive portal where clients could track project progress, provide feedback, and engage with designers in real-time.
    • Global Marketing Campaigns:  Targeted ad campaigns were launched in regions known for luxury real estate investments, like the Middle East and parts of Europe.
    • Eco-friendly Narratives: Created content emphasizing the brand's commitment to sustainable design, showcasing projects that embodied this ethos.
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    Engagement & Outreach Initiatives

    • Designer Webinars: Organized monthly webinars where HomeHarmony's lead designers discussed interior design trends, sustainable practices, and project highlights.
    • Collaborative Ventures: Partnered with global luxury real estate firms for exclusive design collaborations, boosting brand visibility.
    • Feedback Mechanisms:  Introduced AI-driven surveys post-project completion to gather detailed client feedback, driving continuous improvement.
    • ISustainability Workshops: Hosted workshops educating clients and partners on the benefits and methods of sustainable interior design.

    Metrics & Achievements

    • +400% Increase in Website Traffic within six months
    • 7x Growth in International Project Inquiries.
    • 100+ Content Pieces Developed, including design breakdowns, client testimonials, and sustainability reports.
    • +5000 New Social Media Followers within five months, with a focus on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

    Results & Impact

    • Digital Transformation: HomeHarmony's digital presence became a major client acquisition channel, with the website acting as a virtual showroom.
    • Global Footprint: Their international projects saw a significant boost, with designs being featured in global luxury real estate showcases.
    • Client-Centric Approach: The interactive client portal and feedback mechanisms ensured high client satisfaction levels.
    • Sustainability Leaders: HomeHarmony emerged as a thought leader in sustainable interior design, influencing industry practices.
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