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    How To Spy on Other Shopify Stores - 10 Free And Paid Tools

    Written by: nur Islam



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    Do you want to know how to spy on other Shopify stores. So, you have come to the right place. It is crucial to have a deep understanding of your competitors.

    How To Spy on Other Shopify Stores? The best way to spy on other Shopify stores is to simply visit their websites and analyze them yourself. Pay attention to the products they are selling, their pricing strategies, their website design, and their marketing messages. You can also use tools like Google Analytics to get more insights into their traffic and demographics.

    To maintain your edge gathering information, about other Shopify stores can offer insights. This guide will explore why researching stores is important. We will also introduce you to tools for keeping tabs on them.

    Why Spying on Top Shopify Stores is Essential

    E-commerce is vast with millions of products. There are also many stores for consumer attention. In such a market, how can you ensure that your store stands out? The key lies in comprehending your competition.

    Understanding Strategies:

    By observing Shopify stores. You can gain insights into their techniques. This knowledge enables you to recognize what works well.

    Identifying Selling Products:

    Being aware of which items are in demand. As the online stores can influence your own product selection process. Than guessing what might sell. You can make informed decisions based on actual market trends.

    Insights into Product Trends:

    The ecommerce platform is evolving. By staying informed about stores you can stay ahead of the trends guaranteeing. So, your product selection remains up-to-date and attractive.

    Top 10 Free Shopify Spy Tool

    Here are 10 best free tools to spy on other Shopify stores:

    premade shopify stores


    Overview: BigSpy is a regarded ad intelligence tool. It provides a view of the advertising landscape. Its extensive database offers insights into the ads strategies. It is used by successful Shopify stores.

    How to Use:

    • Go to the homepage of BigSpy.
    • Use the search bar to enter keywords or names of Shopify stores.
    • Take advantage of the filters to refine your search based on platform, ad type, or country.
    • Analyze the results to gain information about the ad creative's target audience.

    Price: A free version is available and premium plans start at $9 per month.


    • Provides coverage across ad platforms.
    • User-friendly interface with ad analytics.
    • Regularly updated with ads.


    • Search capabilities, in the version.
    • Some niche markets may have data points

    Tip: To obtain insights related to Shopify. Use keywords associated with Shopify products in search queries.
    premade dropshipping stores


    Overview: Anstrex is an ad intelligence tool. It focuses on native ad campaigns. It offers the world of advertising uncovering the latest products.

    How to Use:

    • Create an account. Log in to Anstrex.
    • Use the filters specific to each platform. If you want to focus on your ad platforms.
    • Enter Shopify-related keywords or store names in the search bar.
    • Analyze the results to gain insights into ad campaign landing page designs.

    Pricing: Plans start at $54 per month without a version


    • Specialized focus on ads and push notifications.
    • Provides information on landing page designs.
    • Competitive pricing for the range of features offered.


    • No free version is currently available for users.
    • The plenty of data may be overwhelming for beginners.

    Tip: Check ads to discover emerging trends in product promotion.
    Sell The Trend

    Sell The Trend

    Overview: Sell The Trend serves as an e-commerce research tool designed. It is specific for dropshippers seeking trending products. It not only identifies products but also offers valuable insights.

    How to Use:

    • Sign up for an account. Log in to Sell The Trend.
    • Go to the designated platform or website for the "Nexus" product research machine.
    • Use the search bar to enter keywords or explore curated lists of products.
    • Click on any product to gain access to insights.

    Pricing: While exact pricing details need investigation. They also offer a free trial.


    • Comprehensive capabilities for researching products.
    • Provides information about stores and ads.
    • User-friendly interface with insights.


    • Requires a subscription with no version available.
    • It might be overwhelming for beginners due to the plenty of data.

    Tip: Stay up to date on trending products by checking the "Trending Now" section.
    prebuilt shopify store

    Meta Ad Library

    Overview: The Meta Ad Library is a database. It offers insights into advertisements within the Meta ecosystem. It is valuable to understand competitors' advertising strategies.

    Here's how you can use it:

    • Visit the website of Meta Ad Library.
    • Enter the name of your desired Shopify store or brand to access information.
    • Take some time to go through the advertisements and messaging.

    Here are some pros and cons


    • The extensive database covers ads from, around the world.
    • It provides insights into ad performance metrics.
    • The information is updated in time, keeping you up to date.


    • Keep in mind that it only covers Meta platforms.
    • There might be limitations when it comes to accessing ad data.

    Here's a helpful tip: Make use of the filtering options. It narrows down your search based on region.
    pre built shopify store

    Ali Hunter

    Overview: Ali Hunter is designed for Shopify store owners. It offers insights into product sources and even the Shopify themes and apps a store uses.

    How to Use:

    • Install the Ali Hunter Chrome Extension.
    • Visit any Shopify store of interest.
    • Click on the Ali Hunter icon to access insights about that store.


    • It user friendly with access to insights.
    • Especially useful for dropshippers as it provides data, on product sources.
    • You'll gain insight into the themes and apps being used by stores.


    • Make sure you have Chrome browser installed for functionality.
    • Keep in mind that there might be some Shopify stores not covered by this tool.

    A helpful tip: It's always beneficial to check stores. It identifies common themes and apps they use.
    premade shopify store

    Koala Inspector

    Overview: The Koala Inspector is a Chrome extension. It offers insights, into the Shopify apps and themes. It also provides data on product statistics and other information.

    How to Use:

    • Install the Koala Inspector Chrome Extension.
    • Visit any Shopify store you're interested in.
    • Click on the Koala Inspector icon. It will give access to information about the store.


    • The interface is simple and user-friendly, making it easy to navigate.
    • Real-time data updates keep you informed.
    • It can assist in identifying apps that can enhance conversion rates.


    • Availability for Chrome users
    • Availability of data might be limited for fewer stores.

    Tip: For an understanding, consider using Koala Inspector. It gains a complete perspective on a store's strategies.
    pre built shopify stores


    Overview: Alexa, a company owned by Amazon, provides information. It is all about website traffic and competitor analysis. It is particularly useful for Shopify owners. It helps to understand their position.

    How to Use:

    • Go to the Alexa website.
    • Enter the URL of the Shopify store you are interested in.
    • Analyze the metrics provided, which include rank, visitor demographics and engagement statistics.


    • Offers website analytics.
    • It allows you to compare with competitors.
    • Provides insights into audience demographics.


    • Some features need payment.
    • May not have data for newer or smaller stores.

    Tip: Track your store's Alexa rank to track its growth and popularity over time.
    shopify prebuilt store


    Overview: With SimilarWeb you can get an overview of website traffic. It offers insights into visitor behavior. It even identifies the keywords.

    How to Use:

    • Visit the SimilarWeb website.
    • Enter the URL of your dropshipping store.
    • Explore the analytics provided. You have to include information about traffic sources.


    • Provides breakdowns of website traffic.
    • Offers insights into organic, versus paid traffic sources.
    • Includes keyword analysis.


    • The free plan only offers a set of features.
    • Real-time data may not be available.

    Suggestion: Use SimilarWeb to discover keywords for enhancing your online stores' SEO


    Commerce Inspector

    Commerce Inspector offers a dive into Shopify competitors. It reveals their best selling products and traffic data. To use Commerce Inspector, install their browser extension first. Then, visit any Shopify store you want to analyze. It activates the extension to unveil insights about that store.

    How to Use:

    • Install the Browser Extension
    • Visit a Shopify Store
    • Activate Commerce Inspector
    • Analyze the Data


    • It gives you, up-to-date information.
    • You can gain insights into product releases and popular items.
    • The interface is easy to use.


    • It only works on web browsers.
    • There's a chance it may not include all Shopify stores.

    Tip: To stay informed about products. Make sure to check the "Recent Launches" section.
    buy premade shopify store

    Best Other Ways To Spy On Shopify Stores

    While digital tools provide convenience. It's worth exploring research and observation for insights. Here are some practical methods:

    1. Utilize Google Text Search

    Overview: Google's extensive index can be a goldmine of information. By using search queries, you can discover Shopify stores.

    How to Use:

    • Go to Google.
    • Enter targeted queries like "Tea Shopify store" or "rated stores for handmade jewelry."
    • Explore the search results to uncover stores and observe their presence.
    Tip: Use search operators followed by keywords to refine results to Shopify stores.

    2. Identify Products Showcased on the Homepage Carousel

    Overview: Many Shopify stores feature their selling on the homepage. Analyzing these can provide insights into the store's top priority items.

    How to Use:

    • Visit a Shopify store's homepage.
    • Observe the displayed products, on the carousel or featured sections.
    • Take note of product categories' pricing details.

    Here's a potential paraphrased version

    Tip: If you notice a certain product being featured in stores. It could be an item worth considering for your inventory.

    3. Utilize Google Lens

    Overview: Google Lens is a great tool. It allows users to search for information using images. It can come in handy for product research purposes.

    How to Use:

    • Take a picture of the product you're interested, in.
    • Open Google. Upload the image.
    • Review the search results to identify the product. Also, find Shopify stores that sell it.

    Tip: This method proves useful. If you're at a marketplace and wish to conduct online research.

    4. Buy Two Items from Competing Stores with One Month Gap

    Overview: This method provides a way to estimate the revenue of a store, by observing the order numbers on receipts. You can gauge the sales volume of the store.

    How to Use:

    • Buy a product from another store. It competes with yours and takes note of the order number.
    • Wait for one month. Make another buy, noting down the order number.
    • The difference, between these two order numbers can give you an estimate of sales volume.
    Tip: While this method gives an estimation. Remember that not all order numbers follow sequential patterns.

    How to Effectively Use the Best Shopify Spy Tool TO Track Ecommerce Stores

    To harness the potential of the tools and methods to you. It is essential to understand how to use them. Here are some valuable tips:

    1. Consistency is Key

    The world of e-commerce is evolving, with trends changing. To stay up-to-date with the strategies and trends. It is crucial to monitor your competitors. Dedicate time each week or month for research. By monitoring, you will gain an understanding of market trends over time.

    2. Dive Deep, But Stay Broad

    While it's important to delve into analyzing competitors, avoid fixating on just one or two stores. Expand your research scope. If you want to include a range of stores within your niche. Create a list that encompasses competitors. This broad approach will provide you with a rounded perspective of the market.

    3. Analyze, Don't Imitate

    The purpose, behind analysis is to gather insights. Although it may be tempting to replicate a competitor's strategy. It's crucial to adapt these learnings in ways. So, it will align with your brand and target audience.

    To establish a foundation, for your store. It's important to use the provided information as a starting point. Then, add your own unique touch. Ensure that your store remains genuine and resonates.

    4. Combine Digital Tools with Manual Approaches

    Digital tools offer a wealth of data. It's important to incorporate methods for qualitative insights. By combining both approaches, you can gain an understanding of the subject matter. For instance, after using a tool to identify a trending product, you can visit a shopify store that sells it. Examine their product presentation and their social media marketing strategies. This holistic approach provides qualitative insights.

    5. Maintain Ethical Practices

    Competitor analysis is common in the business world. It is crucial to uphold standards throughout the process. It's essential to avoid any practices that infringe on copyrights. The information you gather should be used for research purposes. Always respect the work and creativity of others.

    Ethical Considerations When Using Shopify Spy Tools on Competitors

    When conducting competitor research. It is vital to adhere to legal boundaries. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

    1. Respect Intellectual Property Rights

    Avoid using copyrighted material belonging to businesses. This includes refraining from copying product design. Make sure to consult with a lawyer. If you have any uncertainties about the usage of materials. Always give credit. Show respect, to the creators.

    2. Avoid Engaging in Deceptive Practices

    Engaging in practices like reviews, click fraud, or manipulative tactics. It not only damages your reputation. But can also result in legal repercussions. Operate in an ethical way by encouraging customer reviews and feedback. Steer clear of any practices that may mislead customers.

    3. Adhere to Data Privacy Laws

    If you collect data on competitors or customers. Ensure compliance with data privacy regulations such as GDPR or CCPA. Get consent when gathering information and handle it. Respect individual rights to privacy and data protection.

    4. Steer Clear of Unfair Competition

    Avoid strategies that harm your competitor's businesses. This includes spreading information or sabotaging their operations. Focus on improving your business by tearing down others. Ethical competition benefits the entire industry.

    5. Say No to Plagiarism

    Copying website content or product descriptions is unethical. Instead, strive for originality by creating content and product descriptions. If you find inspiration, from competitors, use it as a guide. Craft your distinctive materials.

    6. Take care with Trademarks

    It's important to avoid using trademarks owned by companies. If you're uncertain, about using terms or logos, it's an idea to conduct a trademark search. Respecting the trademarks of businesses is crucial.

    Conclusion - Best Ways And Tools To Spy On Your Competition

    While it may be tempting to wonder about the strategies used by competitors, building your Shopify store is essential to rank. On spying methods, focus on enhancing your store. It is just by keeping up with e-commerce platform trends. Also, optimize your website and provide excellent products. Every Shopify store has the potential for success.

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