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    Find Profitable Shopify Stores for Sale: How And Where To Buy In 2024?

    Written by: nur Islam



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    Are you a new entrepreneur interested in getting into online business? Creating your own online store can be tough and expensive. But what if you could jumpstart your e-commerce journey?

    That's where buying a pre-made Shopify store comes in. Enter Shopify stores for sale.

    Buying an existing Shopify store can be a big advantage. You get instant access to customers, a working setup, and steady income. But how do you choose the best one from all the options available? This guide will help you understand pre-built Shopify stores and make a smart choice.

    Why Buy a Prebuilt Shopify Store?

    Buying a ready-made Shopify store has many benefits compared to building one from the beginning. Here's why you should think about purchasing an already established Shopify store:

    1. Existing Infrastructure

    One of the key benefits of purchasing a prebuilt Shopify store is the instant infrastructure it offers. An established store already has customers, supplier connections, and essential infrastructure in place. This saves you a lot of time and money that you'd otherwise have to invest in creating these foundations from the ground up.

    2. Immediate Cash Flow

    Owning an established Shopify store means you start with a consistent income. This helps you grow your business without outside money or the uncertainty of starting from scratch. From the beginning, you can concentrate on making your business bigger and better.

    3. Proven Business Model

    Having an ongoing income and cash flow reduces the usual risks of running a business. It proves that the business model works, letting you focus on expanding rather than testing the idea. With a Prebuilt Shopify store that's already set up and successful, you can grow on a solid base.

    4. Established Brand

    Starting a brand from the beginning is tough and expensive. When you buy a prebuilt Shopify store, the business it comes with is already known in its area. These stores often have online assets like social media accounts, making them more established in the market.

    5. Growth Opportunities

    Getting an existing Shopify store in a market that's growing really well is a smart move. It's like finding a treasure map where X marks the spot for success. When you buy a store that's already doing well, you can make it grow faster and make more money from it. This can be better than building a whole new store from scratch.

    How to find Shopify stores for sale

    If you want to buy a Shopify store, there are a few ways to find one. First, you can look on online marketplaces like Shopify Exchange, Shopifico, and Flippa. These sites list Shopify stores for sale and provide details like revenue, traffic, and customers.

    Another way is to join forums and communities where people talk about their online businesses. Being active in these groups can help you meet sellers and learn about stores for sale.

    Lastly, you can contact business brokers who focus on e-commerce. They have a big network of sellers and can guide you in buying a store. Using these methods, you can find Shopify stores for sale and choose the right one for you.

    Popular Shopify store marketplaces


    1. Shopifico™

    Now that you know why buying a prebuilt Shopify store is good and how to find them. Let's check out the top spots to find these stores. Here are ten well-known marketplaces and brokerage firms where you can see a variety of Shopify stores for sale: is a website where you can buy ready-made Shopify dropshipping stores. This makes it easy for people to start their online businesses. The stores already have a range of products, so there's no stress in picking products or setting up the store yourself.

    They sell Shopify stores that are ready to go, tested, and can be yours in 24 hours. What makes them special? They're focus on helping you succeed. They offer products that sell well, real visitors to your store, and even effective ads to help your business grow.

    For those who want to learn more about e-commerce, Shopifico has a detailed guide on pre-built Shopify stores. They also have special stores for social media influencers, which can really help if you're an influencer.

    About Shopifico

    Shopifico is like a store that sells ready-to-go online shops. These shops have products already chosen to sell and are set up to start making money right away. When you buy a shop from Shopifico, you don't have to wait for Google Merchant Center or Facebook Product Catalog approval because it's all done for you.

    Cool Things About Shopifico



    Fast Launch Shopifico gets your online store up and running in just 24 hours.
    Make It Yours You can change the look and feel of the store you buy to match your taste.
    Help with Marketing They give you tools for Shopify SEO and help you run social media ads.
    Always There to Help You get tips on how to sell and advertise, plus help whenever you need it.
    Ready-Made Social Media You get social media accounts with followers, so you can start talking to customers right away.
    Great Products and Suppliers Shopifico picks products that sell well and connects you with reliable suppliers who deliver fast.
     Empire Flippers

    2. Empire Flippers

    Empire Flippers is a top online place to buy and sell successful online businesses, including Shopify stores. They have different kinds of e-commerce businesses you can buy, from dropshipping stores to private label brands.

    Empire Flippers gives you a lot of information about each business, like how much money it makes, how many people visit the site, how much profit it makes, and other important stuff.

    This helps you understand how good the business is. Plus, they have helpful tools and resources to guide both buyers and sellers during the buying and selling steps.


    3. Exchange Marketplace by Flippa

    Exchange Marketplace by Flippa is a well-known platform where you can find lots of businesses for sale, like e-commerce stores that use Shopify. They give you lots of details about each business, such as how much money it makes, how many people visit the website, how much profit it gets, and other important things.

    If you want to buy a store, you can talk directly with the person selling it and agree on the price and other details. Exchange Marketplace by Flippa also has helpful stuff for both buyers and sellers, like checklists to make sure everything is okay with the business and tools to figure out how much the business is worth.


    4. Acquire

    Acquire is an online platform to purchase small businesses, such as Shopify stores that do e-commerce. It was previously known as MicroAcquire. They have various businesses for sale, including new companies, SaaS firms, and online stores.

    Acquire gives you a lot of details about each business, such as how much money it's making, how many people visit its website, how much profit it's making, and other important things. They also have helpful things like resources and tools to help people who are buying and selling, making the whole process easier.

    5. WebsiteClosers

    Website Closers sells e-commerce businesses, especially those using Shopify. They are experts in mergers, acquisitions, and selling. They have experts who can assess a business's worth.

    These experts can also ensure that the business is in good condition through due diligence. Additionally, they can assist with negotiating the sale price.

    Website Closers gives a lot of information about each business and does thorough checks to make sure everything is clear and honest. They also provide different resources and tools for both people buying and selling. These include tools to help figure out how much a business is worth, plan the business, and develop strategies for when you want to sell the business (exit strategies).

    FE International

    6. FE International

    Imagine you have a shop on the internet, like a store on Shopify. FE International is like a big helper for these internet shops. They help people who want to sell their shops or buy new ones.

    They are really good at this and know a lot about how to make good deals. They look at important things like how much money the shop makes, how many people visit it, and how much profit it can make. People trust FE International because they are known for doing a great job in helping with these internet shop deals.

    Quiet Light

    7. Quiet Light

    Quiet Light is an online business broker firm that helps with buying and selling successful online businesses, like stores on Shopify. They give personal advice and help figure out the value of a business to make sure the sales go smoothly.

    Quiet Light has a group of experienced brokers who guide both buyers and sellers, from the first time they talk to the final sale. They provide detailed information about the financial and day-to-day operations of each business. This helps buyers make good decisions based on a lot of information.

    Biz Buy Sell

    8. BizBuySell

    Biz-Buy Sell is a place where you can find lots of different businesses for sale, including Shopify stores in the e-commerce section. They make sure that all the financial and day-to-day business details they show for each sale are checked and correct.

    If you're interested in buying, you can talk to the business broker who put up the listing. They will help you check everything is okay with the business (due diligence) and talk about the sale details. You can finish buying the business right on the Biz-Buy Sell website, and they have a safe way to handle the money (escrow service) for the deal.


    9. Latona's

    Latona's is a platform focused on the buying and selling of online businesses, and this includes Shopify stores. They have a search tool that lets buyers find the right business for them by looking at things like how much money the business makes, its price, and where its income comes from.

    Each business for sale has a short summary, and if buyers are interested, they can get more detailed information and talk to either the seller or a broker to learn more. Latona's makes sure the process of buying a business is smooth and safe for buyers.

    Business Exits

    10. Business Exits

    Business Exits is an online broker that helps people who run e-commerce businesses and are looking to buy Shopify stores. They focus on businesses that make a lot of money, which is perfect for those who want to invest in ventures that are already doing well and have good cash flow.

    Business Exits has a carefully selected list of e-commerce businesses for sale. To see all the details about these businesses, you need to sign up and agree to keep the information private (non-disclosure agreement). They provide complete support during the buying process to make sure everything goes smoothly and successfully.

    Tips for Buying a Prebuilt Shopify Store

    Buying a prebuilt Shopify store requires careful consideration and due diligence. Here are some tips to help you make a successful acquisition:

    1. Set Your Budget

    Before searching for a prebuilt Shopify store, figure out how much money you can spend. Think about things like how long the store has been around, how much money it makes, and how many people visit the site when you decide how much it's worth. Knowing your budget helps you choose only the businesses that fit with what you want financially and what you can afford.

    2. Choose a Trustworthy Marketplace

    When choosing a place to buy a Shopify store, pick a marketplace or broker firm that is known for being safe and reliable. Look for ones that have a history of successful sales and good reviews from both buyers and sellers. A reliable marketplace will give you a lot of information about each business and have tools and resources to help you during the buying process.

    3. Evaluate Profitability

    When looking for a Shopify store to buy, focus on finding one that is profitable and has a history of doing well. Check the store's financial details like how much money it makes, how much profit it keeps after expenses, and what it spends money on.

    Also, look at how it can grow in the future by checking where its visitors come from, how it gets new customers, and what's happening in the market. A store that's making money and has a chance to grow more is a great base for your success in the future.

    4. Negotiate the Sale

    Once you find a Shopify store you like, talk to the seller to agree on the sale terms. It's a good idea to get a lawyer to look over the contract to make sure everything in the deal is legal and fair. By negotiating, you can make an agreement that's good for both you and the seller and keeps your interests safe.

    5. Transfer the Store

    After you finish buying the store, the seller will give you control of the business. Set up your own Shopify account and connect it to the store you just bought. Then, you might need to make some changes or updates to make the store match your own brand and business plans.

    6. Conduct Due Diligence

    Carefully look into the store's money details, where its visitors come from, who its customers are, and what's happening in the market to see how well it could do. Make sure the financial records are correct and see how the store has been doing over time. Talk to the people who supply the products to make sure they'll keep coming. Doing this careful check (due diligence) is really important to help you make a smart choice and to help the store keep doing well in the future.

    By using these tips, you'll be better prepared to buy a Shopify store that's already set up. This will increase your chances of getting a business that's successful and makes good money.

    How to negotiate the purchase of a Shopify store

    When negotiating to buy a Shopify store, follow these key steps:

    1. Research the Store's Performance: Start by thoroughly investigating the store. Look at its sales, traffic, and customer feedback. This research will help you understand the store's worth and guide you in deciding a reasonable price.

    2. Prepare Your Offer: Think about factors like how much money the store makes, who its customers are, and how it might grow in the future. This preparation helps you make a solid offer.

    3. Negotiate with the Seller: Be ready for back-and-forth discussions with the seller. It's important to be flexible and open to compromise. Make your expectations clear and ask for any documents that prove the store's success and claims.

    4. Be Ready to Walk Away: If the deal doesn't seem right, or if the seller isn't willing to talk terms, it's okay to step back. It's crucial to approach the purchase with a strategy and be willing to look for a deal that works well for both sides.

    Remember, buying a Shopify store is a big decision. Take your time, be strategic, and look for a deal that benefits everyone involved.

    Transitioning and managing a newly acquired Shopify store

    When you take over a newly Shopify store that you've just bought, there are some important things to think about. First, really look at how the store is doing right now and figure out what it's good at and what it needs to work on. This helps you see what you can make better and plan how to grow the business. Also, since the store is new to you, it's really important to understand the dropshipping business model it uses.

    Knowing this helps you manage what you have in stock, make sending out orders more efficient, and keep a good relationship with the people who supply your products. By carefully checking out the store and how it works, you can make the change to being the owner go smoothly and get the store ready to do well in the busy world of e-commerce.


    Buying a prebuilt Shopify store has a lot of good points, like instantly having customers, a system that already works, and steady income. When you buy a store that's already going, you skip the hard parts and unknowns of starting from zero. Instead, you can just focus on making your business bigger and better.

    To pick the right Shopify store for sale, look at well-known marketplaces and brokers like Empire Flippers, Exchange Marketplace by Flippa, and Acquire. Check how much money each store makes, how it could grow, and how well it fits in the market to make sure it's a smart choice. Do a really good check (due diligence) and talk about the sale terms to keep your interests safe.

    Remember, getting a Shopify store that's already up and running takes careful thought and research. By using the advice in this guide, you can choose wisely and set yourself up for a great start as an e-commerce business owner.

    So, go ahead and start your business journey by getting a Shopify store that matches what you want and hope for. Good luck!

    Frequently Asked Questions for Shopify Stores for Sale

    1. What is a Shopify store?

    A Shopify store is an ecommerce website or online business that uses the Shopify platform for its operations, including dropshipping and selling products or services. These stores can be profitable and offer a range of products across different niche markets.

    2. How can I buy a Shopify store?

    If you're looking to buy a Shopify store, you can explore marketplaces specializing in businesses for sale such as Empire Flippers. Conducting diligence to evaluate the net profit and overall valuation is crucial before purchasing a Shopify store.

    3. What are the types of Shopify stores available for purchase?

    When searching for Shopify stores for sale, you can find a variety of existing Shopify store listings, including wholesale businesses, dropshipping ventures, and niche market ecommerce businesses.

    4. How can I determine if a Shopify store is profitable?

    Evaluating a business's financials and store's performance metrics can help in identifying profitable Shopify ventures. This involves analyzing sales data, expenses, and overall business model to assess potential profitability.

    5. What should I consider when buying a Shopify store?

    Consider aspects such as the business model, diligence in inspecting financial records, analyzing marketplace trends, and understanding the type of business you are purchasing before finalizing a Shopify store acquisition.

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