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    What Do People Buy the Most Online (Product Ideas)

    Written by: nur Islam



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    Did you know that, from Amazon to Etsy, the internet is like a giant shopping mall? It's got everything you could think of!

    But have you ever wondered what stuff people are buying the most online? Well, you're in luck! Today, we have an awesome list of the top things everyone has purchased on the internet.

    Let's check it out!

    Overview: What people buy the most online right now 

    Ever wondered what people are buying the most online these days? Well, we got curious and found out for you!

    Here's a list of the top-selling products online:

    Product Name

    Market Value


    $1.53 trillion


    $1.14 trillion


    $381.9 billion

    Pet care

    $280 billion


    $104 billion

    Power-driven hand tools

    $45.6 billion

    Writing instruments

    $22.5 billion

    Reusable water bottles

    $8.64 billion

    Wireless charging stations

    $5.48 billion


    $840 million

    Now, let's discuss them with more information.

    popular products

    10 Popular products people are buying online in 2024

    The internet is our favorite spot for shopping these days. Whether it's the coolest clothes or the newest tech gadgets, you can find everything online.

    Check out this list of the top 10 things everyone's buying:


    1. Apparel

    Did you know that According to Statista, in 2022, people spent $1.53 trillion on apparel market? That's a lot of money, right?

    And guess what? It's expected to grow even more, reaching close to $2 trillion by 2025. This means apparel are the most purchase items online!

    In the United States, almost 30% of everything bought online in 2021 was clothes and accessories. That's a huge chunk!

    And here's something interesting - according to Amazon, the top three clothing items that people buy the most are Crocs and men's sweatshirts. Pretty cool, huh?

    Interested in selling apparel online? If so, check out the Best Dropshipping Products To Sell for Profit in our article here! 

    The reasons why apparel is purchased online so much

    Ever wondered why so many people buy clothes online? It's because the fashion industry is always updating.

    Some of the reasons why apparel is bought a lot online are as follows:

    • Fashion keeps changing. There are always new styles popping up, and everyone wants to keep up and look cool, so they buy the latest trends.
    • Social media trends are increasing. In the last few years, social media has dramatically influenced fashion. Many people purchase new items after seeing posts from influencers.
    • Clothes don't last forever. Your favorite T-shirt won't stay new forever; it gets old and worn out. So, you end up needing to buy new clothes.

    2. Electronics

    Did you know that electronics are super popular online? Almost every household owns has some kind of electronic gadget. That's why electronics are super important and always in demand. The gadgets we use the most are our mobile phones and computers.

    Guess what?

    Nowadays, Mobile phones have become so affordable that by 2027, over seven billion people will be using smartphones.

    That's a lot of phones! And with more phones, there's also a big demand for phone accessories like holders, tripods, wireless chargers, and cool cases.

    But it's not just phones that are popular. Other electronics are big hits too. Amazon says that the top three electronics people are buying include AirPods and devices to make their homes smarter, like smart home remotes. Pretty cool, right?

    Syncee is a great supplier if you want to sell electronics in your online store. If you don't have an online store, you can purchase a pre-built Shopify store from shopifico

    The reasons why electronics are purchased online so much

    Life can get super busy, and everyone's looking for ways to make things a bit easier. That's where electronics come in, changing the game by helping us out.

    For example, things like smartphones, power banks, wireless chargers, and headphones increase the comfort of traveling long distances journey.

    On the other hand, gadgets like TVs, cameras, and home theater systems are awesome for having fun and relaxing.

    Because of all these cool benefits, lots of people are deciding to buy these electronics!


    3. Footwear 

    As the apparel world grows, footwear brands are making more money too.In 2022, the footwear market was valued at $381.9 billion, and it's expected to jump to $508 billion by 2027, according to Statista.

    Crocs are super popular, but lace-up loafers and running shoes are also big hits. Thinking about selling shoes online? Check out Brands Gateway for some ideas.

    The reasons why footwear is purchased online so much

    People of all ages really like shoes that are both cool and comfy.

    Here's why footwear are such a big deal:

    • Lots of Styles: Nowadays, you can find shoes in so many different styles. Celebrities and influencers show off new styles all the time, which makes them even more popular.

    • Sports Shoes: In the sports category, there's a ton of different shoe styles too. Big brands like Puma, Nike, Adidas, and Reebok are always trying to outdo each other to grab more of the market share a year.

    • Affordable Options: A lot of shoes are pretty budget-friendly. This is because many affordable shoes are made in countries like India and China, where they can make them for less money.

    pet care

    4. Pet care 

    Did you know that in 2022, stuff for pets like toys, food, and more was worth a whopping $280 billion? And guess what? It's expected to grow even more, by 7% every year from 2023 to 2032, especially in the US.

    Pet owners love their furry friends a lot. They're ready to spend whatever it takes to make sure their pets are happy and healthy. This means more and more people are looking to buy pet stuff, and this demand has been going up. During the pandemic, this got an even bigger boost because a lot of people started adopting pets.

    On websites like Amazon, the top pet supplies people are buying include things to pick up after dogs, pads for dogs to pee on, and cat litter.

    If you're thinking about selling pet accessories online, Spocket could be a super helpful supplier for you.

    The reasons why pet care item are purchased online so much

    Did you know pet stuff is super popular? Especially pet food - it's one of the top things people buy online for their furry friends.

    So, what's the deal with pet products being so trendy? Let's check it out:

    • Lots of choices. There are tons of pet items out there, from food to cages, grooming tools, and even health supplements. It's like a whole supermarket just for pets!

    • More pets at home. A lot more people have started adopting pets. Some folks want a pet for safety, while others just want a furry buddy to hang out with. This really picked up during the pandemic since everyone was home more and wanted a pet companion.


    5. Toys 

    Toys are super popular online. Although children are the main target audience for these toys, you'd be surprised how many adults are also attracted to them.

    Parents are especially keen on toys that are not just fun but also help their kids grow emotionally and mentally.

    Guess what? The toy market revenue is booming! In 2021, it hit a whopping $104 billion in sales worldwide, jumping over 13% since 2018.

    Right now, the hottest toys on Amazon are Pokemon cards, scratch-off card games, and Legos.

    Thinking about selling toys online? You might want to check out AppScenic for some cool supplier or product ideas!

    The reasons why toys are purchased online so much

    Toys are super cool because they show us what different cultures and civilizations are like. Parents love to give their kids all sorts of toys to help them learn about the world.

    Here's why toys are so popular:

    • Attractive design. Toys come in all sorts of shapes, colors, and designs, which makes kids really excited to play with them.

    • They're fun and keep kids busy. Playing with toys and games is a great way for kids to express themselves and use their imaginations.

    • They help kids grow smarter and make friends. Playing with toys is not just fun; it's also a big part of learning and getting better at social skills. Some kids can't even imagine a day without their favorite toys!

    power driven hand tools

    6. Power-driven hand tools 

    The most popular product among consumers is power-driven hand tools. There is always a high demand for products in this category in the construction industry.

    As urbanization has changed the way people work, the need for different power tools has increased.

    As of 2021, the power-driven hand tools market generated approximately $45.6 billion in revenue, and expert estimates anticipate that it will reach $56.1 billion by 2025 (source).

    Right now, the tools everyone loves to use the most are the cordless drills and portable air pumps.

    The reasons why power-driven hand tools are purchased online so much

    When it comes to renovations and construction, power tools are the main instrument of choice for professionals and enthusiast workers.

    • High demand for professionals. Plumbing and construction workers use electric tools to facilitate their work, such as grinders, saws, and drilling machines. The use of power tools is expected to increase significantly by 2025.

    • Increase in the DIY trend. Making your own products is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. Self-made products are a great way for people to show off their creativity and crafts!

    writing instruments

    7. Writing instruments 

    Pens and pencils are super popular and have been best-sellers for a while now. They're a big deal in schools and businesses. 

    In 2020, the world spent about $15.89 billion on stuff like pens and markers, and experts think sales will grow by 7.4% from 2019 to 2025. On Amazon, the top items in education and crafts include dry-erase markers, acrylic paint, and simple wooden pencils.

    Thinking about selling pens and pencils online? You might want to look into Shopifico!

    The reasons why writing instruments are purchased online so much

    Students are the biggest buyers of pens and pencils because they're super important for school. Also, more painters and artists wanting pens and pencils are making their sales go up even more.

    Overall, demand increases for these reasons:

    • Education is getting more important. Pens and pencils are super popular in schools, offices, and universities since everyone needs them.

    • In the fashion world, designers use pens and pencils to create cool designs on clothes and calendars.

    water bottles

    8. Reusable water bottles

    Plastic bottles are everywhere, and we use a ton of them—like a million every minute around the Worldwide! Because we want to cut down on all this plastic waste, people are looking for alternatives to single-use water bottles.

    As a result, reusable water bottles have become really popular. In fact, in 2021, the market for reusable bottles was worth $8.64 billion!

    A lot of people have been buying reusable water bottles online, especially those you can use for sports or as a mixer for drinks. If you're thinking about selling reusable water bottles, you might want to check out Spocket for sourcing them!

    The reasons why reusable water bottles are purchased online so much

    As more and more water bottle trash piles up and people look for bottles that last longer and don't cost too much, reusable water bottles are becoming more popular than regular ones.

    People are buying reusable bottles for a few reasons:

    • There's a huge demand for bottled drinks. In Mexico, for example, each person used more than 72 gallons of bottled water in 2020. The most popular bottled items include alcoholic drinks, milk, and other dairy products.

    • You can make them your own. Reusable bottles come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, so you can pick one that's just right for you.

    • They last longer. Reusable bottles are tougher than the usual plastic bottles. While regular bottles might easily break or get damaged, reusable ones are made to withstand more, meaning they don't crack or break as easily.

    wireless charging stations

    9. Wireless charging stations 

    Wireless charging stations have become really popular lately. In 2021, the market for these cool gadgets was valued at $5.48 billion, and it's expected to grow super fast, by about 22.73% every year, all the way up to 2030.

    Why are they so handy? Wireless charging allows you to charge your gadgets without needing to plug them in, making it a convenient consuming device. You have a charging pad that sends power, and your device, such as a phone or smartwatch, has a component that receives this power and charges up.

    The hottest wireless charger on Amazon right now can charge three devices at the same time – your phone, earbuds, and smartwatch.

    Interested in getting into the wireless charging station market? You might want to check out Shopifico!

    The reason why wireless charging stations are purchased online so much

    One big reason people buy wireless charging stations is convenience. Because they're super easy to use. But there are more reasons why they're so popular online:

    • The tech is getting better, and they work really well. You can find different styles and strengths of wireless chargers. Some can charge two to four phones at once, and they're getting better at charging quickly.

    • They keep the power flowing steadily. Just like when you plug your phone into a charger, these wireless stations give a constant and reliable power supply to your phone.


    10. Puzzles

    Even though puzzles might not seem like a big deal compared to other things people buy online, they're actually super popular. People love puzzles because they're fun but also make you think.

    They're perfect for relaxing and challenging your brain at the same time. Believe it or not, puzzles are a huge deal worldwide, with sales reaching $840 million, and they're expected to grow by about 6.01% every year.

    Some of the top-selling puzzles on Amazon show how much people love them. If you're interested in selling puzzles too, you should check out Shopifico!

    The reason why puzzles are purchased online so much

    Puzzles are super popular online for a few reasons. Parents like them because they keep kids engaged and learning. Adults enjoy puzzles too, as they're a fun and rewarding way to spend free time. 

    • Passing free time. Jigsaw puzzles are a fun way to spend your free time. Parents really like it when their kids use their time to learn something new, even while playing.

    • Relaxing. Puzzles appeal to both kids and adults!

    What people buy the most products? 

    If you're thinking about selling stuff online, knowing who you want to sell to is really important. And you might be curious about who buys the most stuff. But figuring that out can be tricky because lots of things influence what people buy.

    Things like how old someone is, how much money they make, and where they live can change what they decide to buy. For instance, a young person with not a lot of money in the countryside might shop differently than someone older with more money in a city.

    Generally, how much money someone has been a big deal when it comes to how much they buy, but where they live matters too.

    There was this study that showed people in the United Kingdom spend the most money online compared to other countries. So, people in the UK buy the most stuff online, which is pretty cool to know.

    But, just because a market is big doesn't mean you have to jump into it. Big markets can also mean lots of competition!

    If you're looking for unique ideas for your online shop, there's an article with some cool niche ideas that might get you inspired!

    You might be interested in some niche ideas for your online store after reading this article.

    FAQs about what do people buy the most online

    What is the most popular online purchase? 

    The most bought thing online is clothing. The online clothing market is the biggest in the world and is worth $1.53 trillion. 

    What products are in high demand right now? 

    Right now, everyone really wants wireless earbuds, reusable water bottles, and workout dumbbells. You can see what's super popular by checking out Amazon's best sellers list.

    What do females buy the most online? 

    Most of the time, it's women who shop for fashion stuff online. In the US, 71% of women said they've bought clothes and accessories on the internet.

    What products do people buy the most online?

    When it comes to online shopping, people buy the most online vary from electronics to pet products, from apparel to toys and games, and even supplements and accessories. The convenience and variety offered by online stores have led to a significant increase in online purchases across a wide range of categories.

    What are the biggest online marketplaces where people shop?

    Amazon is one of the biggest online marketplaces where people are buying a wide range of products. Moreover, Shopify has also emerged as a popular platform for entrepreneurs to sell products online through their own online store or via dropshipping from suppliers.

    What are some popular products people buy online?

    Some fashion products and apparel, electronics such as phones, and toys and games are in high demand among online shoppers. Additionally, pet products and supplements are also among the 10 popular products that people purchase online.

    How has online shopping impacted the consumer market?

    The rise of online shopping has significantly impacted the consumer market. It has led to a growing trend of consumers preferring to shop online for a wide variety of products, and has created opportunities for businesses to sell products to a diverse range of customers.

    What are some strategies to increase sales in online retail businesses?

    For sell online businesses, focusing on building a strong brand and offering products that are in high demand can help increase sales. Additionally, leveraging the reach of biggest online marketplaces like Amazon can aid in growing the business.

    Why do people prefer to buy certain products online?

    The convenience, wide variety, and often competitive pricing available in online stores make it attractive for people to buy products online. This has led to the online retail industry becoming the largest online marketplace for a diverse array of consumer goods.


    This article is all about the most popular things people buy online. What's trendy keeps changing based on what people like and different cultures. So, try out the products we talked about and see if you can spot the next big trend before it fades away! Which product caught your eye? Tell us in the comments!

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