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    Elevate Your E-Commerce Success with "E-Commerce Checklist"

    Embark on a transformative journey with Shopifico, where we not only provide premade Shopify stores but also empower you with the tools and knowledge to ensure your e-commerce success. Our meticulously crafted E-Commerce Checklist and the all-new “Shopifico Dropshipping Academy Course” are designed to elevate your online selling experience, ensuring optimal conversion rates and maximized revenue.

    • Quick-Wins Implementation: Discover immediate actions that will exponentially grow your monthly recurring revenue without exhaustive efforts.
    • Includes 291 critical checkpoints that cover every nook-and-cranny of Your store's conversion process.
    • Actionable Steps: Implement clear, concise, and impactful steps that not only enhance your conversion rates but also elevate your average order value.
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    Maximize Profits with Shopifico's E-Commerce Checklist

    Unlock the full potential of your prebuilt Shopify store with our comprehensive E-Commerce Checklist.

    Navigate through every step of the customer journey, from landing to checkout, ensuring no revenue is left unclaimed.

    Whether you operate premade dropshipping stores or pre-built Shopify dropshipping stores, our checklist is your key to securing and enhancing every micro-conversion, guiding your customers seamlessly from browsing to purchasing, and optimizing your conversion rates and profits.

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    The 3 Biggest Mistakes Most Online Dropshipping E-commerce Stores Make

    With a rich tapestry of 13 years woven with experiences and insights from collaborating with e-commerce clients, we at Shopifico have distilled the essence of what can make or break an online store. The truth is, the most potent conversion inhibitors are often rooted in fundamental missteps.

    Navigational complexity and an unclear conversion funnel not only dilute the user experience but also significantly impede your store’s revenue-generating potential. Through our journey, working alongside numerous online stores, we’ve identified a consistent pattern of three cardinal mistakes that have been silently eroding conversion rates across the board.

    Unveiling the Triad of E-Commerce Mistakes:

    Here are the 3 biggest mistakes

    Your website is cluttered

    Your Mobile Experience is Broken

    Your checkout process is too complicated

    E-commerce Academy

     A store optimized for high conversions not only propels your revenue through enhanced average order values but also strategically curtails your customer acquisition costs. This dual impact not only amplifies your financial gains but also supercharges the efficacy of your advertising campaigns, ensuring every marketing dollar is optimally utilized and yields superior results.

    Find The Lowest-Hanging Fruit in Your Online Store

    Should you opt to buy our Conversion Checklist and find it perplexing and ineffective, your goals may remain unachieved. To avert this, we've ensured the checklist is simple and easily understandable, even for dropshipping novices.

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    E-commerce Academy

    eComAcademy is a comprehensive HD video course. The course is designed to cater to the evergreen demand in the e-commerce sector, helping individuals profit online.

    Find The Lowest-Hanging Fruit in Your Online Store

    Should you opt to buy our Conversion Checklist and find it perplexing and ineffective, your goals may remain unachieved. To avert this, we've ensured the checklist is simple and easily understandable, even for dropshipping novices.

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    Evergreen Niche

    E-commerce is a constantly growing field, making this course relevant and in-demand.

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    The Success Gap

    Many new online marketers believe there's a vast difference between their strategies and those of top marketers. In reality, the gap is small. The significant advantage top marketers have is a top-converting product.

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    High-Quality Content

    The course offers screen-recorded HD videos, ensuring customers receive immense value.

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    DFY Reseller Kit:

    The course comes with a ready-to-use reseller kit, including sales pages, videos, training guides, graphics, articles, and more.

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    E-commerce Growth

    E-commerce is becoming an integral part of the global consumer experience. Factors like convenience, cost-saving, faster internet speeds, and affordable devices are driving its growth. It's projected that by 2040, over 95% of all purchases will be through e-commerce.

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    The Importance of Quality

    The digital market has evolved, and the days of selling a basic eBook and expecting significant returns are over. Poor quality products lead to refunds and negative reviews. eComAcademy emphasizes the need for high-quality, valuable, and up-to-date content to stand out in today's competitive e-commerce training landscape.

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    Unlock Unparalleled E-Commerce Insights
    with Our Comprehensive Checklist

    Gain exclusive access to a wealth of over 300 critical checkpoints, coupled with the distilled wisdom from our 13 years of specialized expertise in conversion rate optimization. Our checklist empowers you to meticulously optimize every element of your store, ensuring maximal conversion rates. It provides lucid, step-by-step instructions, enabling you to prioritize and implement changes that, while requiring minimal effort, promise to deliver substantial enhancements to your conversion rates.

    Lower Your Customer Acquisition Costs.

    Select Your Specialized Niche & Determine Your Product Inventory

    Increase your average order value.

    Upon readiness of your store, your Shopify and Gmail login details will be promptly dispatched to you. Should any revisions or adjustments be required, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to ensure everything is tailored to your satisfaction.

    Your Sales Journey with Confidence

    You're now primed to secure your first sale. Initiate your inaugural ad campaign and begin directing traffic to your newly-minted, aesthetically pleasing online store.

    Got some remaining questions?

    Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get regarding this ecommerce checklist.

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