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    5 Must-Have Apps for Your Pre-Built Shopify Store

    Written by: Nur Islam



    Time to read 5 min

    Shopify is widely recognized as one of the e commerce platforms available nowadays. It offers a user solution that empowers anyone to swiftly create an online store and commence product sales. However, in order to fully optimize your Shopify store it's essential to utilize the apps. Here we present you with five apps that can greatly enhance your built Shopify store.

    Shopify serves as an e commerce platform that simplifies the process of launching a store for individuals from all backgrounds. Nevertheless maximizing the potential of your Shopify store necessitates utilizing applications. In this blog post we will introduce you to five apps that will help you optimize your built Shopify store.

    App #1: Oberlo

    First on our list is Oberlo—a dropshipping app designed specifically for Shopify store owners who wish to import products from renowned marketplaces, like AliExpress. Oberlo enables integration of products into your store while providing efficient inventory management and order fulfillment capabilities. Moreover this app offers features aimed at streamlining workflow and boosting profitability.

    Oberlo is a tool, for your Shopify store. It offers benefits such as importing of products and order fulfillment automated inventory management, competitive pricing on products and seamless integration with other Shopify apps. Many successful businesses, like Beardbrand, a mens grooming brand rely on Oberlo to import and fulfill their orders efficiently. By using Oberlo Beardbrand can streamline their workflow. Focus on growing their business.

    App #2: Yotpo

    Another useful app for Shopify stores is Yotpo. It's a customer review and marketing platform that helps store owners build proof and increase sales. With Yotpo you can. Showcase customer reviews, photos and videos effortlessly. Additionally the app provides marketing features that help you turn customers into brand advocates.

    Using Yotpo for your Shopify store has benefits including enhanced proof and credibility higher conversion rates and sales figures, access to user generated content for effective marketing campaigns as well as advanced analytics to gain valuable insights. Known brands like MVMT Watches utilize Yotpo to gather customer reviews and display them alongside photos, on their website in order to build trust with their audience. With Yotpo MVMT Watches can showcase their customers. Boost sales.

    App #3: Plug in SEO

    Plug in SEO is a user app designed to enhance the search engine rankings of Shopify store owners websites. It makes it easy to identify and resolve SEO issues like links missing alt tags and slow page load times. Additionally the app offers features to optimize website content and improve search engine rankings.

    Benefits of using Plug in SEO, for your Shopify store:

    • Enhanced search engine. Visibility
    • Increased organic traffic and sales
    • User friendly interface
    • Advanced SEO analytics and insights

    Numerous successful stores have already utilized Plug in SEO to optimize their websites search engine rankings. For instance Nomad Lane, a travel accessories brand effectively employs Plug in SEO to enhance website visibility and drive traffic to their store.

    App #4: Kit

    Kit is a marketing automation app that assists Shopify store owners in streamlining their marketing efforts and driving increased sales.You can use Kit to create ads for Facebook and Instagram manage email campaigns and automate your social media posts. This app also offers features. That can enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and boost your return, on investment.

    There are advantages to using Kit for your Shopify store, such as:

    • Automated marketing. Tasks
    • Increased. Return on investment
    • Seamless integration, with Facebook and Instagram ads
    • Advanced analytics and valuable insights

    Online stores rely on Kit to automate their marketing efforts and drive more sales. For instance Pura Vida Bracelets, a known jewelry brand utilizes Kit to create and manage their Facebook and Instagram ads successfully. By leveraging the capabilities of Kit Pura Vida Bracelets expands its reach to an audience while increasing its sales.

    App #5: ReferralCandy

    ReferralCandy is an app designed for Shopify store owners who want to incentivize their customers to refer friends and family members to their store. With ReferralCandy you can effortlessly establish a program that rewards customers for referring buyers to your store. The app also offers a range of features that help optimize your programs performance while increasing the number of referrals you receive.

    ReferralCandy offers advantages for your Shopify store, such, as:

    • Enhancing customer loyalty and generating referrals.
    • Boosting conversion rates and driving sales.
    • integrating with Shopify apps.
    • Providing advanced analytics and valuable insights.

    Numerous successful stores have utilized ReferralCandy to incentivize their customers in referring friends and family. Take MVMT Watches for instance they also leverage ReferralCandy to reward customers for bringing in customers to their store.

    Now, let's explore a list of apps that can greatly optimize your built Shopify store:

    • 1 Inventory Management App

    Effectively manage your inventory by using an app that enables you to:

    • Keep track of stock levels in time.
    • Set up stock alerts.
    • Automate the reordering process.

    For a understanding of managing a pre-built Shopify store check out our detailed guide, at Shopifico.

        2. App, for Retaining Customers

    As mentioned in our article about strategies for retaining customers it is essential to keep your existing customers engaged. An effective app should offer the following features:

    • Sending personalized email campaigns
    • Providing loyalty programs
    • Offering insights into customer behavior

       3. App for Social Media Integration

    For individuals who're social media influencers or those who want to harness the power of platforms like Instagram and Facebook, this app can be a game changer. It allows for:

    • integration of your store with platforms
    • Easy sharing of products on social media
    • Tracking conversion rates from social channels

     4. App with Price Range Filtering Functionality

    For stores that offer a range of products enabling customers to shop by price range can greatly enhance their experience. This app provides the following benefits:

    • Allows customers to set a budget
    • Filters products within the chosen price range
    • Increases the likelihood of sales by showing products

       5. App for Managing Dropshipping Operations

    If you're involved in dropshipping you'll find our list of dropshipping store providers useful. Additionally a dropshipping management app can provide the following advantages:

    • Connects you with suppliers, worldwide
    • Automates order processing
    • Provides real time shipping updates

    In Conclusion

    To enhance the performance of your Shopify store it's important to have the right apps available. If you want to streamline your workflow increase sales or improve your marketing strategies there are five apps that we discussed: Oberlo, Yotpo Plug, SEO tools, Kit and ReferralCandy. These apps are a must have, for any Shopify store owner. By integrating these apps into your operations you can optimize your stores performance build trust and credibility among customers and ultimately boost sales. We highly recommend giving these apps a try to experience their benefits firsthand. With these tools, at your disposal your Shopify store has the potential to thrive as an e-commerce venture.


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