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    ClickFunnels vs. Shopify: Unbiased 2024 Showdown

    Written by: nur Islam



    Time to read 11 min

    So, you're thinking about starting your own online business? That's awesome! You've got a great product, or maybe even a whole bunch of cool products, and you're ready to start selling them online. But here's the tricky part: you're not sure where to sell them yet.

    This is where the big showdown comes in - Clickfunnels vs Shopify. Wondering which one is the best fit for your business? You're not alone. If you've been looking up how to kick off an online store, you've probably seen Shopify and Clickfunnels mentioned a lot.

    With so many guides on dropshipping and ecommerce floating around, it can feel pretty overwhelming trying to pick the right ecommerce platform for selling your stuff.

    In this guide, we're going to clear things up and help you figure out which platform is the best choice for your online business.

    But here's the deal:

    Neither of these tools is perfect on its own. Both Clickfunnels and Shopify have their own strengths and weaknesses. The best platform for your business really depends on the kind of business you're planning to run and what you're planning to sell.

    Main Differences Between Clickfunnels vs Shopify

    The key differences between Clickfunnels vs Shopify are:

    Plan Options: ClickFunnels offers two types of plans, and its basic plan is a bit pricier. On the other hand, Shopify gives you three different plans to choose from.

    Mobile App: Shopify has a cool app that works on both Android and iPhone, making it super handy to use on the go. Unfortunately, Clickfunnels doesn't have a mobile app.

    Offers several features: ClickFunnels is all about giving you ready-to-go sales funnels, which are great for making sales. Shopify, however, is awesome for keeping track of all your products and customers, making it a bit easier to manage your store.

    Now, let's dive into a quick overview of what makes both ClickFunnels and Shopify pretty great services to consider:

    Online Store Builder

    Shopify The Ultimate Online Store Builder

    If you're dreaming of opening a big online store with lots of cool stuff to sell, Shopify is a great choice.

    It gives you tons of website designs to choose from, an inventory management system to manage your physical products, ways to handle payments easily, and even special deals on shipping from big names like DHL, UPS, and USPS.

    You won't need to learn any coding to set up and run your shop because Shopify gives you all the tools right off the bat. Plus, the Shopify community is super helpful. If you run into any problems, big or small, a quick search online will likely find you a solution in no time.

    And there's more – Shopify has this amazing App Store where you can find extra plugins and integrations to make your store even better.

    Clickfunnels: The All-In-One Sales Funnel Software

    If you're new to selling stuff online and haven't sold anything yet, we think Clickfunnels is a great tool to start with for selling your first product.

    Why Clickfunnels?

    It's because Clickfunnels has ready-to-go sales funnels that are designed to help you sell more. These funnels are made for sell products - from products and memberships to courses, e-books, webinars, and even your own services.

    Plus, with Clickfunnels, you're not just getting a way to set up an online store for your products and services. You can also use it to grow your email list and send out cool automated email marketing campaigns.

    Sure, the online stores you build with Clickfunnels might not have as many bells and whistles as Shopify stores, but they're totally good enough to start with. And a big bonus is that with Clickfunnels, you likely won't need to spend money on other marketing tools.

    Shopify Vs Clickfunnels

    Shopify Vs Clickfunnels: Features Comparison

    From what we've talked about, you might think that these two tools are for totally different kinds of people. And you're absolutely right if you're thinking that!

    Shopify feature rundown

    Shopify is designed for skilled business owners who understand how to combine various marketing tools with their shops. They know the secrets to guiding visitors into customers and just need a powerful platform to create and manage their online store.

    Now, let's look at the top nine features of Shopify:

    Online Store Builder: Shopify has a bunch of cool themes (both free and paid) that you can use to make your online store look awesome. With their easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder, you can customize everything about the theme. You can put in your own words, colors, and pictures to make the website really feel like it's yours. And if you know your way around tech, you can even add your own special CSS and HTML codes.

    Plus, Shopify’s lets you write blog posts with its content management system, so you can share cool stuff related to your store.

    The best part? Every website made with Shopify looks great on phones, too, so your customers can check out your store and shop no matter where they are!

    Inventory Management System: So, Shopify is super cool for keeping an eye on what you've got in your online store. You can add new stuff, make different variants of the same product, and show off some awesome pictures of them. You'll also say how many of each item you have.

    Shopify then keeps track of everything you sell, so you'll instantly know when it's time to get more. Plus, if you run out of something, you can still choose to keep selling it while you're waiting for more to come in. Pretty handy, right?

    Analytics Dashboard: Shopify provides show you cool charts that help you understand important stuff about your online store. You can quickly see how many people are visiting, what they're buying, and how much you're selling.

    It even lets you see where your customers come from, what they do on your site, and how long they hang around, all thanks to it working with Google Analytics integration. You can also check out how each product is doing — like what’s hot and what’s not — so you know exactly what to stock up on.

    Customer Management System: Shopify is really cool because it lets you check out how customers shop in your store and learn more about them. You can also make special membership sites to get people to buy things more than once and send them cool emails about your products (or let them buy things without signing up). Plus, you can sort your customers into groups depending on where they're from, what they buy, and how much they spend. And if someone needs a refund, you can easily set that up too.

    Sales Channels: You can use Shopify to create online shops not just on their own site, but also directly on social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest, and big online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. You can even add it to your current website or your physical store. This way, people can check out and buy your products right within these websites and apps, without having to leave and go somewhere else.

    App Store: Did you know the Shopify app store is packed with super cool plugins and integrations to make your Shopify website even better? You can find all sorts of apps that let you do awesome things like make landing pages, sign-up forms, check out more detailed stats, send out email marketing campaigns, and a lot more.

    Payment Integration: With Shopify, you can take payments from big card companies like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Plus, you can use over 50 online payment gateways, including PayPal and 2Checkout. Shopify also takes care of calculating city and state taxes for you, and you can even offer your customers free shipping if you want. Pretty cool, right?

    Shipping and Delivery: Shopify has teamed up with three big delivery companies - DHL, USPS, and UPS. This means you can offer lower shipping prices to your customers. Also, thanks to Shopify working with Oberlo, you can sell products to your customers without having to keep a bunch of items in stock yourself. You can buy and ship products directly to them!

    Mobile App: The Shopify app is on Android and iPhone. It helps track sales, manage inventory, and contact customers while on the move.

    Clickfunnels Feature

    Clickfunnels Feature Rundown

    Clickfunnels is super user-friendly and perfect for people who are just starting out or don't have a lot of experience with online businesses. It's not just about setting up a shop; it's about getting your entire marketing plan up and running easily.

    That's why Clickfunnels offers some powerful tools like these available:

    Ready-made Sales Funnels: Clickfunnels provides pre-made sets of web pages, called 'funnels', that direct customers towards a checkout page. You'll receive sales funnels for all types of products. There are different types of funnels for physical products, digital products, courses, and online events.

    Also, there are templates for sales, opt-in, thank you, and checkout pages available. Just add your own text and pictures and your sales funnel will be good to go.

    Website Building Tool: You can choose not to use the sales funnel templates. You can create a sales funnel using the website builder.

    The website builder allows you to create a sales funnel. You can add various elements such as text, images, checkout carts, payment integration, and an opt-in form. These elements help you build any type of web page for your sales funnel.

    Payment Integrations: With Clickfunnels, adding payment integration to your sales pages is super easy, so you can start taking payments right away. Clickfunnels integrates works with popular payment services like PayPal and Stripe, among others.

    Affiliate Marketing System: Clickfunnels has a great feature that not many others have. It allows you to make your own affiliate programs for products and services.

    This means you can give a link to others to sell your stuff. And when they sell something for you, you can give them a reward. This helps you build a team of sales people who will help you sell more.

    CRM System: Clickfunnels has this awesome feature called a CRM system. It's like a superpower for your business because it lets you see all kinds of info about your customers. You can find out where they're from, their email, what social media they use, and what they've bought from you.

    Plus, you can organize your customers into different groups based on things like where they live, what they bought, and how much they've spent. Then, you can send them to different email marketing campaigns. It's a great way to keep everything organized and make sure you're talking to the right people the right way!

    Email Marketing Tool: With Clickfunnels, you can easily set up your entire email marketing campaign. Imagine being able to craft awesome emails, line them up in a series, and then make it all run on autopilot. This means as soon as someone signs up to get emails from you, they'll start receiving them without you having to do anything more. Plus, you can send out special email blasts to different groups of people on your email list.

    Action Funnels: Clickfunnels has this cool thing called the action funnel. It's like a robot helper for your marketing. Imagine mixing your website's funnels (the steps someone takes on your site) with your email messages to make a super smart marketing buddy. This helps you automatically handle what happens after someone signs up or says no thanks to your funnel.

    You get to decide which group (or ‘list’) people get put into after they join or leave your funnel, and what emails they should get next. Plus, you can make special things happen based on what they do. For example, if someone buys your product, you can automatically move them to a new email group and start sending them a new set of emails.

    It's like setting up a bunch of dominoes; once someone makes a move, everything else follows in an awesome, automatic way!

    Pros and Cons

    ClickFunnels vs Shopify: Pros and Cons

    Here are the three top pros and cons of Shopify and Clickfunnels.

    Shopify Pros

    • Shopify is great for making and selling many products with its inventory management system.

    • You receive cheap shipping rates from DHL, USPS, and UPS for your deliveries.

    • Use a mobile app to manage your online store while on the move.

    Shopify Cons

    • Shopify helps you sell products, but you need to learn how to promote your website to make sales.

    • You need to connect with other services for email marketing, making landing pages, and creating affiliate programs, which increases expenses.

    • Setting up your store and creating funnels requires time and technical marketing knowledge to be done correctly.

    Clickfunnels Pros

    • No marketing knowledge required. Use prebuilt funnels for maximum conversions.

    • Clickfunnels provides a CRM system, email marketing tool, and automation tool. No extra payment required for another service.

    • Creating a funnel and selling your product is quick, taking just a few hours instead of weeks.

    Clickfunnels Cons

    • Subscription costs more money.

    • Not good for selling many products and running a complete online store.

    • No app for using on the move.

    Clickfunnels vs Shopify: Extended FAQ

    Can you dropship with Clickfunnels?

    Yes! Clickfunnels lets you make landing pages for your dropshipping business and connect with shipping apps.

    Is Shopify safe and legit?

    Wondering if you can trust Shopify? Yes, you can! It's a well-known company with excellent customer service. For more information on how Shopify works and its features, read our detailed Shopify review!

    Can you really make money with Shopify?

    Yes, it's important to have a good marketing plan. You can also connect Shopify with Etsy or Amazon to reach more customers.

    What are the main differences between Clickfunnels and Shopify?

    When comparing clickfunnels vs shopify, it's important to note that their primary functions differ. Clickfunnels is designed specifically for building sales funnels, while Shopify is an online store builder that focuses on providing a comprehensive ecommerce platform.

    How do Clickfunnels and Shopify cater to online businesses?

    Both Shopify and Clickfunnels cater to online business needs. While Shopify provides a range of ecommerce features and payment gateways, Clickfunnels offers email marketing and sales funnel management tools.

    Can Clickfunnels and Shopify be integrated with other platforms or apps?

    Yes, both clickfunnels and shopify offer integration capabilities. You can also find a variety of third-party apps in the Shopify App Store or Clickfunnels’ app marketplace to further integrate with your preferred management system.

    What advantages does Clickfunnels offer over Shopify?

    Clickfunnels provides a specialized landing page builder and sales funnel management tools, making it a best choice for businesses focusing on campaign and conversion optimization. It also offers a range of high-converting templates.

    Nur Islam

    Nur islam

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    Nur possesses an understanding of the intricacies involved in running a retail business and is particularly knowledgeable about the Shopify platform. His insights are based on experiences ensuring that readers can benefit from his advice.

    Nur is an advocate for e-commerce innovation. Constantly stays up to date with the latest trends and technologies that shape the industry. He firmly believes in empowering entrepreneurs by equipping them with knowledge to navigate the complexities of the world and achieve their goals.

    Outside of writing articles, Nur enjoys mentoring aspiring e-commerce enthusiasts and sharing his expertise through industry seminars and workshops. His commitment to fostering a thriving e-commerce community paired with his dedication to learning have established him as a trusted voice, within the realm of business.

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