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    16 Best Free Dropshipping Product Research Tool in 2023

    Written by: nur Islam



    Time to read 10 min

    Are you planning to start a business in 2023? Do you want to know about the best free dropshipping tools? You've come to the right spot. However, there are plenty of best tools. We have compiled a list of dropshipping tools. They can benefit your dropshipping venture.

    Best Free Dropshipping Product Research Tool in 2023 - An Overview

    Let's start with an overview of the 16 best free dropshipping tools we'll discuss.




    Review Link


    Store Creation


    Modalyst Review




    Hatchful Review



    Free/$9/$29 p.m.

    Rytr Review

    Google Trends

    Product Research


    Google Trends Review

    Zik Analytics

    Product Research


    Zik Analytics Review


    Order Fulfillment

    Free/$20/$50 p.m.

    DSers Review


    Dropshipping Supplier Directory


    SaleHoo Review



    Free/$13/$15 p.m.

    Canva Review


    Store Creation


    WooCommerce Review



    Free/$12/$15 p.m.

    Grammarly Review

    Commerce Inspector

    Product Idea

    Free/$29+ p.m.

    Commerce Inspector Review


    Order Fulfillment

    Free/$16+ p.m.

    CJdropshipping Review

    Dropship Rabbit

    Product Discovery


    Dropship Rabbit Review


    Supplier Directory


    Spocket Review




    T-Pop Review




    Printful Review


    1. Modalyst

    Type: Store Creation

    Pricing: Free To use

    Overview: Modalyst is a great platform. It is easy for online retailers. It focuses on showcasing quality. They also focus on unique products online that stand out in the market.


    • Integrates with ecommerce store like Shopify and Wix.

    • A curated list of suppliers ensures quality and uniqueness.

    • This tool provides managing winning product listings.


    • The free version has limited features encouraging users to consider the paid plans.

    • Some users may find the platform's interface a bit at first.
    Tip: Keep exploring the Modalysts list. If you want to discover new and best products.
    logo maker

    2. Hatchful

    Type; Designing

    Pricing; Free

    Overview:  Hatchful, was developed by Shopify. It is a tool for creating logos with a range of industry templates. They can create professional logos for online stores.


    • An intuitive user interface makes the design process straightforward.

    • Offers a selection of templates tailored to industries.

    • Generates many logo variations.


    • Although the platform offers templates, there are some limitations when it comes to customization options.

    • Keep in mind that since many users have access, to the templates, your logos may not be as distinctive.
    Tip: Once you generate your logo. It's advisable to gather feedback.

    3. Rytr

    Category; Automation

    Pricing; Free/$9/$29 per month

    Overview: Rytr is a tool driven by intelligence. It generates content. Ensures that the generated content aligns with your dropshipping brand,


    • The support for languages expands your market reach.

    • The built-in plagiarism checker guarantees the originality of the content.

    • It is versatile in handling types of content ranging.


    • While the content is AI-generated, there might still be a need for involvement in cases.

    • In the version, there are limitations on character count and monthly content requests.
    Tip: It is always recommended to review and make adjustments. So that it matches your dropshipping company's voice.
    google trends

    4. Google Trends

    Category: Product Research

    Pricing; Free

    Overview: Google Trends is a tool that offers insights. It shows search trends at both local and global by analyzing these trends. Dropshippers can assess product demand.


    • Provides up-to-date data on trending searches.

    • It allows you to filter by location to understand demand.

    • Offers related queries to expand your research.


    • Interpreting the data may need some judgment and experience.

    • Doesn't provide search volumes.
    Tip: To gain an understanding of product demand. Must use Google Trends.
     Zik Analytics

    5. Zik Analytics

    Category: Product Research

    Pricing; Free

    Overview: Zik Analytics is a market research tool. It is designed for dropshippers. It assists users in discovering products for your dropshipping store. It offers insights into market trends.


    • Provides insights into selling products through the online market.

    • Offers competitor analysis to understand market positioning.

    • User interface with insights.


    • Focused on eBay, which may not resonate with all dropshippers.

    • Some advanced features are only accessible, through paid subscriptions.
    Tip: Consider combining Zik Analytics with research tools. Make sure to keep an eye on the "Trending Products" section.

    6. DSers

    Category: Order Fulfillment

    Pricing; Free/$20/$50 per month

    Overview: DSers is a tool for dropshippers. It simplifies the process of importing products. Its bulk order processing feature is helpful.


    • Time-saving bulk order processing.

    • Integration with platforms like Shopify.

    • Offers supplier recommendations. It ensures top-notch product quality.


    • Beginners may find it a bit challenging to get the hang of due to its features.

    • It focuses on AliExpress. It limits diversification opportunities.
    Tip: Take advantage of DSers analytics feature. It helps to keep track of your selling products.

    7. SaleHoo

    Category: Supplier Directory

    Pricing; Free

    Overview: SaleHoo stands out as a directory of suppliers. It provides a curated list of suppliers, guaranteeing reliability.


    • A ranging directory of trusted suppliers.

    • Tools for market research to identify products.

    • A community, for networking and support.


    • The platform can be overwhelming. There are premium features that need a subscription.
    A helpful tip is to engage in the SaleHoo community forums.

    8. Canva

    Category; Designing

    Pricing; Free/$13/$15 per month

    Overview: Canva is a design platform. It caters to all your branding needs. Even you need social media graphics. Canvas drag-and-drop interface makes designing accessible.


    • Intuitive drag and drop interface.

    • Extensive collection of templates, images, and design elements.

    • Features for team projects.


    • Some advanced design features are limited to the Pro version.

    • Access to custom fonts requires a premium subscription.
    Tip: Take a look, at Canvas template library for inspiration as they update it.

    9. WooCommerce

    Category: Store Creation

    Pricing; Free

    Overview: WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform. It integrates with WordPress. With its range of plugins, WooCommerce can adapt to business models.


    • WooCommerce is the next level of customization, with thousands of plugins available. You can use your e-commerce store to meet your needs.

    • WooCommerce is scalable. It can accommodate the growth of your online business.


    • While WooCommerce offers flexibility. Its customizing may need some knowledge. Additionally, certain essential features might need paid plugins.
    Tip: It's recommended to back up your WooCommerce. It helps to keep the data safe. Since WooCommerce is an open-source platform. It takes precautions for data security is crucial.

    10. Grammarly

    Category; Automation

    Pricing; Free/$12/$15 per month

    Overview: Grammarly goes beyond being a grammar checker. It serves as a writing assistant. It helps make your content clear error-free and engaging. Grammarly ensures that your brand voice remains consistent and professional.


    • Grammarly provides real-time checks.

    • It also includes a plagiarism detection feature.

    • The browser extensions allow for corrections on the go.


    • While the free version of Grammarly offers assistance,

    • it has style and tone suggestions
    Tip: Use the Grammarly tone detector feature. It ensures that your content conveys the desired emotion.
    Commerce Inspector

    11. Commerce Inspector

    Category: Product Research

    Pricing; Free/$29+, per month

    Overview: Commerce Inspector is a Chrome extension. It is designed for Shopify business owners. It offers in-depth insights into Shopify sites.


    • Gain insights into your competitor's Shopify stores.

    • Identify dropshipping products and recent launches.

    • Access data on store traffic and sources.


    • Limited to Shopify stores only.

    • Some features need a subscription fee.
    Tip: Stay updated with market trends and customer preferences.
    CJ dropshipping

    12. CJdropshipping

    Product Category: Order Fulfillment

    Pricing; Free/$16+ per month

    Overview: CJdropshipping simplifies the dropshipping process. It offers a selection of products. It offers fast processing times. Their platform prioritizes customer service agents. Provides tools for product sourcing.


    • Range of high-quality products with assurance.

    • Offers services like customized packaging.

    • Order tracking and management system.


    • Shipping times may vary

    • Interface might be overwhelming, for beginners.
    Dropship Rabbit

    13. Dropship Rabbit

    Category: Product Discovery

    Price; Free

    Overview: Dropship Rabbit is a resource for dropshippers. This platform provides a selected list of trending items.


    • Updated list of best and most profitable products.

    • Offers targeting suggestions for advertisements.

    • User-friendly interface with insights.


    • Limited to the products on their platform.

    • Some dropshipping niche categories may have options.
    Tip: Combine the insight from Dropship Rabbit.

    14. Spocket

    Category: Supplier Directory

    Price; Free

    Overview: Spocket acts as a bridge between retailers and suppliers, with a focus on quality shipping times. Spocket allows dropshippers to provide an experience.


    • A curated list of suppliers from the US and Europe.

    • Integration with e-commerce platforms.

    • Automated order processing and tracking system.


    • Availability of suppliers from regions.

    • Access, to some premium suppliers requires paid plans.
    Tip: Make sure to check the ratings of suppliers. Spocket to maintain product quality.
    T pop

    15. T Pop

    Category: Print On Demand

    Pricing; Free

    Overview: T Pop stands out in the print on demand. Based in Europe T Pop offers packaging. This makes it a preferred choice for brands.


    • Emphasis on eco-friendliness and sustainability.

    • Range of products that can be personalized according to your needs.

    • Efficient automated order processing friendly packaging.


    • Availability in the market only.

    • Higher costs due to their commitment to sustainable practices.
    Tip: Highlight the eco aspects of your products.

    16. Printful

    Category: Print On Demand

    Pricing; Free

    Overview: With Printful, you get a print. They handle everything from custom apparel to accessories. So that brands can focus on design. Their global network of warehouses ensures delivery.


    • A variety of products are available for you to choose from.

    • White-label dropshipping solutions are offered for branding purposes.

    • A global network of warehouses enables faster shipping.


    • The pricing, for Printful, might be higher

    • There are options for integrating with known e-commerce platforms.

    Tip: Take advantage of the Printfuls generator to create product images for your store.

    Choosing the Right Product Research Tool for Your Dropshipping Store

    The world of dropshipping is vast. The dropshipping tools you choose can impact your success. While the tools mentioned above are considered some of the best in 2023. It's important to select those that align with your needs and goals.

    Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Free Dropshipping Tool For Product Research

    Business Model;

    Are you focusing on dropshipping? Your business model will determine the type of tools that're most suitable. For example, T Pop and Printful are choices for those in the print-on-demand industry.


    Ensure that the dropshipping spy tool tools you choose seamlessly integrate. Tools like DSers and Spocket may offer benefits.


    While all the mentioned tools have free options available, it's important to strike a balance. In cases, investing in a feature can yield a significant return, on investment (ROI).

    Geographical Considerations;

    Suppose you're aiming to reach customers in an area. It's beneficial to select drop shipping tools that cater to that region. It can be helpful for dropshippers who target these markets.


    As your business expands, your requirements will change. It is advisable to choose tools that can grow alongside.

    Final Thoughts

    The world of dropshipping in 2023 is exciting because of using tools and staying up to date with market trends. So you can establish a position. At the same time, tools can provide value to your business. Tools serve as facilitators. It is your vision, dedication, and hard work that will propel your business.

    Frequently Asked Questions (Best Dropshipping Tools To Get Started For Free In 2023)

    Are there any tools for finding products?

    There are tools to find popular products. One such tool is SaleHoo. It is a research tool. It provides access to a range of products. It allows users to identify trending items. It also offers a plan for those starting their eCommerce business.

    Could you suggest a tool for AliExpress to source products?

    Use of AliExpress as a tool to source products. AliExpress offers a selection of products. It is popular among entrepreneurs, by creating an account on AliExpress. Owners can gain access to products.

    What kind of business model can assist owners?

    Many dropshipping owners can enjoy adopting the business model. They use tools to kickstart their venture. The dropshipping model enables them to sell products. They can leverage platforms. It offers a free plan option. Furthermore, there are free product research tools. They help them identify the best new products.

    Are there any tools that offer trial periods?

    If you're planning to start a new business. It's crucial to explore the dropshipping companies available. These reputable entities can provide you with a range of products. It makes your store a solid foundation. AliExpress is one of the best choices. It offers a range of products. Even provides a free Chrome extension. It makes listing products a breeze. Moreover, there are tools, like SaleHoo or Oberlo. They can help you connect with dropshipping.

    Which dropshipping tools are popular?

    Many tools for e-commerce come with a 3-day trial. These tools offer features of products. It is designed for writing product descriptions. One of the regarded options is SaleHoo. It grants you access to their listings. It helps you identify top-selling items.

    How can WooCommerce utilized to enrich stores by adding products?

    WooCommerce presents itself as an option. If you're seeking a platform to enhance your store. With its user interface, WooCommerce allows you to. You have to set up your website. It enables many listings of products.

    What are the top dropshipping tools available?

    There is an array of dropshipping tools. They can aid you in discovering a lucrative niche. One recommended tool in the market is Oberlo. With Oberlo, you can explore products. Handle your dropshipping operations, additionally for product promotion. It uses social media management tools.

    Which apps can find profitable products?

    Many apps exist that can assist you in finding profitable products. SaleHoo is one app to consider. It offers a 14-day free trial period by using these product research tools. You'll gain insights into selecting items. Thereby simplifying the process of building a business.

    Are there image editing tools that ease product sales?

    Yes, there are image editing tools. These tools can elevate your product listings. It makes them appealing to customers. Utilizing these image editing tools enables us. It creates listings, thereby increasing the likelihood of online product sales.

    What is the importance of having dropshipping sites?

    Having a website is crucial. It utilizes spy tools to identify new products. These tools offer insights into the products used by dropshipping. By analyzing a collection of dropshipping websites. You can gain inspiration. Uncover products to incorporate into your store.

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