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    The Impact of Pre-Built Shopify Stores on Small Business Success

    Written by: nur Islam



    Time to read 6 min

    In times there has been a surge, in the e commerce industry as more and more businesses are venturing online to connect with customers and boost their sales. Shopify, a known e commerce platform has emerged as a choice for small businesses aiming to establish an online presence. Thanks to the availability of designed Shopify stores small businesses can effortlessly set up their online store without requiring technical know how or extensive resources. However experts in the field continue to debate the effects of these designed Shopify stores on the success of small businesses. In this blog post we will delve into the advantages and disadvantages of using designed Shopify stores and their impact, on the success of small businesses.

    What are pre-built Shopify stores?

    Pre made Shopify stores are internet shops that have been set up and designed in advance, for businesses, by developers or Shopify experts. These ready to go stores include designed templates, product pages and other important features necessary for businesses to quickly embark on their journey. Entrepreneurs have the option to select from a range of themes and personalize them to align with their brands appearance and atmosphere.

    Pre made Shopify stores offer an option, for businesses that don't have the luxury of time, expertise or resources to build an online store from the ground up. These ready to go stores can save businesses time and money by removing the need to invest in designing, developing and maintaining a website. Instead they can concentrate on sourcing products, marketing efforts and expanding their business.

    The benefits of using pre-built Shopify stores for small businesses

    There are advantages, to using pre made Shopify stores for businesses. Some of the benefits include;

    • Affordability; Pre made Shopify stores are generally more cost effective compared to building a custom store from scratch. This can be particularly advantageous for businesses with budgets and resources.

    • User Friendliness; Pre made Shopify stores are designed to be easy to use, with interfaces and tools that require technical expertise. This allows businesses to efficiently manage their stores without technical knowledge.

    • Quick Setup; Pre made Shopify stores can be set up rapidly enabling businesses to launch their stores within days of weeks or months.

    • Customization; Although pre made Shopify stores come with to use templates businesses still have the flexibility to customize them according to their specific requirements.

    These benefits make pre built Shopify stores an option for small businesses looking for a cost user friendly and customizable solution, for their online presence.

    Examples of successful small businesses that have used pre-built Shopify stores include:

    • Gym+Coffee; This Irish activewear brand opted for a pre made Shopify store to swiftly and cost effectively launch their shop. They were able to customize the template to align with their branding and have since expanded their business with physical stores.

    • FEMME FATALE; This Australian fashion brand embraced a built Shopify store to launch their online shop and establish themselves as industry frontrunners in no time. They personalized the template to match their branding and have since grown by opening a store and offering shipping.

    • Triangl; This Australian swimwear brand harnessed the power of a built Shopify store to kick start their online presence quickly capturing the attention of customers worldwide. They customized the template according to their branding leading them down the path of expansion, into activewear and accessories.

    Pre built Shopify stores provide a solution, for businesses seeking a speedy, affordable and hassle free way to establish an online presence. By capitalizing on the advantages offered by these made stores businesses can concentrate on nurturing their brand identity and connecting with customers.

    The potential drawbacks of pre-built Shopify stores for small businesses

    Although there are benefits, to using prebuilt Shopify stores for businesses it is important to consider the drawbacks as well. Here are a couple of disadvantages to keep in mind;

    1. Limited options for customization; The templates and designs provided by prebuilt Shopify stores may not offer the level of customization needed for some businesses. This can make it challenging to create an memorable store that stands out from competitors.

    2. Risk of having an appearance; Since prebuilt Shopify stores cater to businesses it can be difficult to establish a strong brand identity. This is especially problematic for businesses looking to make their mark in the market.

    To address these downsides small businesses can employ design and branding strategies. Here are a few tips;

    1. Carefully choose a template; While prebuilt Shopify stores come with made templates selecting one that reflects your brand and helps you differentiate yourself from competitors is crucial.

    2. Customize the template; Although customization options may be somewhat limited making minor adjustments to the design can still enhance its uniqueness. For example modifying the color scheme, font choices or layout alignment with your branding can make a difference.

    To set your store apart, from competitors and create an image it is important to showcase high quality product images.

    Moreover creating types of content such, as appealing product descriptions engaging blog posts and captivating media updates can greatly showcase your expertise in the industry while setting you apart from others. 

    Consistency plays a role in establishing elements, like a logo, an attention grabbing color scheme and a distinctive font choice – all of which contribute to forming a brand identity that customers will find hard to forget. By implementing these strategies small businesses can surpass the limitations of pre made Shopify stores. Craft an online store that truly stands out in the market.

    How pre-built Shopify stores impact small business success

    The influence of pre made Shopify stores, on the success of businesses can be quite substantial. Studies and real life examples have demonstrated that these made Shopify stores can assist businesses in swiftly and inexpensively establishing an online presence even without extensive technical knowledge.

    Here are a few ways that pre built Shopify stores can have an impact, on the success of businesses;

    1. Enhanced online presence; By utilizing a built Shopify store small businesses can swiftly establish an online presence and connect with customers from all over the world. This not boosts their visibility. Also allows them to reach new customers they might not have otherwise reached.

    2. Improved customer satisfaction; Pre built Shopify stores are designed to offer an user friendly experience for customers. This ensures that small businesses can attract and retain customers resulting in increased sales and revenue.

    3. Cost solution; Opting for a built Shopify store can be more cost effective compared to building a custom online store from scratch. This enables businesses to save money and allocate resources towards important aspects of their business such as product development or marketing.

    4. Customizability; Pre built Shopify stores provide customization options allowing small businesses to tailor their store according to their unique needs and branding preferences.

    5. Scalability; Designed with scalability, in mind pre built Shopify stores enable businesses to easily expand by adding products, features or functionality as their business grows.

    Here are  actionable tips for small businesses that are considering using pre-built Shopify stores

    Choose a made Shopify store that matches your business needs and brand identity. Customize the template to showcase your branding and make your online store stand out from competitors. Make sure to use high quality product images. Differentiate yourself from others in the market by creating content.

    Leverage the scalability offered by built Shopify stores allowing you to easily add new products, features or functions as your business grows. Focus on delivering a customer experience to attract and retain customers. Pre built Shopify stores play a role, in helping businesses establish a presence quickly affordably and, without requiring extensive technical expertise. 

    By following these recommendations small businesses can make the most of built Shopify stores and thrive in their online ventures.


    To sum up using built Shopify stores can make a significant difference, for small businesses looking to succeed by offering a cost effective and user friendly solution to establish an online presence quickly. Despite some limitations, in customization options small businesses can still use built Shopify stores to stand out from competitors and create a unique brand identity through original content, high quality product images and consistent branding elements. Extensive research and case studies have demonstrated that businesses of all sizes can reap the benefits of built Shopify stores by gaining increased online visibility enhancing the customer experience saving costs and enjoying flexibility and scalability. By implementing tips and strategies small businesses can optimize the use of built Shopify stores and thrive in the online business realm.

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