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    Where to Buy Prebuilt Shopify Stores in 2024

    Written by: Nur Islam



    Time to read 23 min

    Where to Buy Prebuilt Shopify Stores in 2024

    I've bought several pre-built Shopify stores with mixed results. Here’s a summary of my experiences and where to find the best pre-built Shopify stores.

    Shopifico  is the best choice for buying a pre-built or custom Shopify store. It's affordable, quick, and delivers high-quality stores with winning products. However, I might be a bit biased.

    Other options include  Brandafy  and  Dropbuild  for Shopify store sellers. We recommend  Shopifico  and  Flippa  for established pre-built Shopify stores.

    Keep reading to find the right option for you.

    Why Choose Pre-Built Stores?

    👉 Save time on setup and design.

    👉 Ready-to-use themes, products, and settings.

    👉 Click here to browse ready-made stores.

    Where to buy a Prebuilt Shopify store

    If you're short on time, here’s a brief overview of our top 10 recommended places to buy prebuilt Shopify stores . We've organized the list into two main sections:

    Seven Shopify Options: This section highlights both turnkey and custom options for acquiring Shopify stores.

    Three Places for Existing Stores: This part details where you can purchase established ecommerce stores.

    Types of stores
    Best Overall
    Best for an Affordable Turnkey Store
    Best Alternative for Custom Stores
    Best Ranked Shopify Store Builder
    Best for Buying Stores on Sale
    Best for European Sellers
    Freelancer Marketplace
    Best for Custom Stores
    Best for Safely Buying Existing Shopify Stores
    Best for Low Multiples
    Empire Flippers
    Best for Buying Reliable and Established Stores

    Why Buy a Prebuilt Shopify Store?

    Are you thinking about starting an online business? It's important to know that it takes hard work and dedication. You'll need to:

    • Choose products

    • Create a website

    • Promote your site

    • Help customers

    You have two main options: building a website from scratch or buying a pre-made Shopify store. But there's an even faster option: pre-built Shopify stores.

    Why choose pre-built stores? They save you time and effort!

    To learn more about starting a dropshipping business and the benefits of pre-built Shopify stores, read my blog: How to Start a Dropshipping Business.

    It's Super Easy

    Pre-built Shopify stores are ready to go. There's no need to deal with designing or setting it up. You can start selling right away!

    Saves Money

    Starting from scratch or hiring someone can be expensive. A ready-made store is often cheaper, giving you a great store without breaking the bank.

    Help is There

    Many sellers offer support after you buy a prebuilt store. This is an excellent backup for those new to online selling.

    Blog Tip
    💡 In short

    A pre-built store can be a simple, cost-effective, and supported way to enter e-commerce. You save time building a site and can get straight to growing your business.

    Top 10 Places to Buy Prebuilt Shopify Stores in 2024

    There are many places online where you can buy prebuilt Shopify stores. If you want to buy one, you need to be careful. If you're not, your store might not work well or have features you don't need.

    For more tips and advice, read my blog: "What Do People Buy the Most Online.

    Want an Online Shop?

    Choose from a top platform and get a pre-built Shopify store. No setup stress - start selling right away! But which ones are top-notch? Let’s dive into the best 10 out there.

    Turnkey and Custom Shopify Stores


    1. Shopifico™

    The best place to buy your pre-built Shopify store is from Shopifico . I might be a bit biased, but let’s look at the facts.

    Why Shopifico?

    • They provide fully optimized e-commerce stores in under 24 hours.

    • They have launched over 5,000 dropshipping stores.

    • Their team of experts offers a cost-effective way to start in the online market.

    Your store comes with 30 handpicked, profitable products, chosen based on solid evidence. This means your store is ready for high sales.

    Check out Shopifico's collection made for all e-commerce enthusiasts.

     What's on Offer: 

    ➡️  Branded, Ready-to-Sell Website:  Get a professional online store without the hassle of setup. Perfect for getting started quickly.

    ➡️  30 Profitable Products:  Your store comes with 30 products with detailed descriptions, saving you time and boosting sales confidence.

    ➡️  Reliable Shipping:  Get help from trusted shipping companies for fast and affordable delivery. This is often a challenge for new stores.

    ➡️  24/7 Customer Support:  Get 24/7 support from an award-winning team, so you're never alone in your new venture. This support is great for beginners, backed by a team with big e-commerce success.

    For inspiring stories and tips, visit  Shopify Success Stories.

    Shopifico Pros and Cons

    👉 Premium Stores: Stores like KiddieKrab are already successful and proven.

    👉 Quick Delivery: Get your store in 24 hours with real organic traffic.

    👉 Social Media: Genuine followers and proven ad strategies.

    👉 Turnkey Solutions: Shopifico offers pre-built stores ready to use right away.

    👉 Video Ads: User-generated video ads that boost trust and conversions.

    👉 SEO Services: Shopifico helps your store show up better in search engines.

    👉 Cost: Elite features might be expensive.


    • One Product Store: Priced at $1199.00.
    • Multi Product Store: Priced at $2190.00.
    • Pre Built Dropshipping Store: Ranges between $389.00 to $789.00.
    Blog Tip
    💡 Did you know

    Many platforms say they offer ready-to-use Shopify stores, but they aren't always great. Shopifico stands out by offering top-quality, beautifully designed Shopify stores. They are optimized for sales and have great product listings. Instead of getting a standard store, with Shopifico you get a great starting point for your online business. If you want a unique and effective solution, choose Shopifico and start your e-commerce journey with an advantage.


    2. Brandafy - Best for an Affordable Turnkey Store

    Brandafy  is a platform that helps people create Shopify dropshipping stores that turn visitors into customers. They support you through the whole process, including:

    • Store design

    • Picking products

    • Linking with reliable suppliers

    Brandafy  offers both ready-made and custom Shopify stores to fit your needs.

    For more information, visit  Pre-Built Shopify Stores: Your Ultimate Time-Saving Solution.

    They offer two types of turnkey stores: Standard and Platinum.

     Standard Option: 

    • Costs $17, very affordable.

    • Includes:

      • Lifetime support

      • Basic theme and logo design

      • Shopify store setup

      • 20 top-selling products

      • Niche and product research

      • Setup of payment gateways, trust badges, conversion apps, legal pages, and shipping.

    You can add more products, a branded logo, and request revisions for an additional cost.

     Platinum Option: 

    • Costs $997 and provides more features.

    • Includes:

      • Lifetime support

      • Premium theme and branded logo design

      • Shopify store setup

      • 45 top-selling products

      • Lifetime access to the EcomUpstart course

      • Custom store options

      • Two revisions

      • Niche and product research

      • Setup of payment gateways, trust badges, conversion apps, legal pages, and shipping

    You can also add more products and request extra revisions.

    If you're an experienced seller looking for more customization, choose the Platinum option. If you're new to drop-shipping, the Standard store has everything you need to get started.

    To learn more about ready-made drop-shipping stores and find the best option for you, read my blog: Ready Made Drop-shipping Stores for Sale.

    Brandafy Pros and Cons

    👉 Quick Start: Brandafy offers pre-made and custom Shopify dropshipping stores, so you can start your online business fast.

    👉 Professional Design: Brandafy creates stores with premium themes and designs that are made to attract customers.

    👉 Only for Shopify: Brandafy only works with Shopify, so it’s not for you if you want to use other e-commerce platforms.

    New to eCommerce? A  pre-built store  can provide a quicker launch while you learn the ropes. Get started faster.

    Blog Tip
    💡 Did you know

    Brandafy and Shopifico are both big names in e-commerce. Shopifico offers ready-made dropshipping stores with great designs and products. They even give you popular products for free and let you customize your store if you want. On the other hand, Brandafy is all about getting started quickly and efficiently in e-commerce. Both offer great choices, but Shopifico is best.


    3. BeBiggy - Best Alternative for Custom Stores

    BeBiggy offers three types of turnkey Shopify stores: Standard, Premium, and Exclusive.

    Each type includes stores in different niches like fashion, electronics, jewelry, sports and fitness, toys and games, and more. You can view a demo of each store and see the preloaded products before buying.

    Standard Store - $119: 

    • You get a store that’s ready to start selling items in categories like fashion, electronics, and sports.

    • It's ready in 24 hours and works great on mobile phones.

    • You can add products with just one click, and it comes with up to 100 products already set up.

    • It includes free shipping everywhere and tools to help you easily handle orders.

    • You get help anytime you need it and you can use your own domain name.

    Premium Store - $299: 

    • It has all the features of the Standard store but with a special design.

    • Everything is automated, making managing your inventory and orders super easy.

    • It comes with more than 100 high-quality products that ship fast within the USA and Canada.

    • All products are from trusted suppliers in the USA.

     Exclusive Store - $499: 

    • This store is made just for you, based on what you need, and it’s ready in three days.

    • It includes everything from the Standard store, but it’s customized for you.

     More about these stores: 

    • Each type of store lets you see a demo and check out the products before buying.

    • While the Standard store is good for many people, the Premium might be better if you sell a lot in the USA and Canada because it ships faster.

    Besides selling these stores, BeBiggy also offers training and a blog with lots of helpful tips on dropshipping

    BeBiggy Pros and Cons

    👉 Ready-to-go packages.

    👉 Post-sale support.

    👉 General design aesthetics.

    Blog Tip
    💡 Did you know

    BeBiggy offers fast, automated Shopify stores with good support and a 3-month free product service. They're great for quick setups. But Shopifico takes a different approach. Each of our stores is carefully crafted with passion and excellence. While BeBiggy focuses on speed, Shopifico provides a unique, story-driven e-commerce experience. If you want something more than just a store, choose Shopifico.


    4. Dropbuild - Best Ranked Shopify Store Builder

    Dropbuild is a top-rated service for building ready-to-use Shopify stores. They have over four stars on review sites like Sitejabber, Trustpilot, and

    Why Choose Dropbuild?

    • They create stores for any niche.

    • The stores have a professional and sleek design.

    • They use a premium theme, so your store can compete with big brands.

    Dropbuild has two types of ready-made stores you can buy. 

    One-Product Store ($449): 

    • You get help for life.

    • They research the best product for you.

    • You get one video ad and text for the ad.

    • They set up a Facebook ad plan for you with the right people to target.

    • They set up a fancy Shopify store with all the good apps.

    • They design your brand, including a logo.

    • Your store will look good on phones and computers.

    • They set up a way for you to get paid online.

    • They create 15 posts for social media.

    • They make your store fast and easy to find on Google.

    • They connect you with the best product suppliers.

     Ten-Product Store ($599): 

    • It includes everything the one-product store has.

    • You get ten video ads, text for the ads, ad plans, and targeted people (one set for each product).

    • They create 30 social media posts for you.

    • They connect you with ten great suppliers.

    The ten-product store, costing $599, is great if you want to reach more people, have more on social media, and work with more suppliers.

    Dropbuild Pros and Cons

    👉 Winning Products: Experts test all the products to make sure they will sell well.

    👉 Video Ads & Content: You get great video ads and stuff to post on social media that really help you sell things.

    👉 Dropshipping Model: This platform uses the dropshipping model, where you don’t keep the products in stock yourself. This might not be ideal for everyone, especially if you want more control over your inventory.

    Blog Tip
    💡 Did you know

    DropBuild and Shopifico are both top choices for ready-made Shopify stores. DropBuild offers comprehensive packages, including quality graphics, product research, and marketing strategies. Shopifico, on the other hand, stands out with its 'BKning' store, showing its expertise in picking products and branding that truly connect with customers. For those looking for a store with deep market insight, Shopifico's 'BKning' is a standout choice.


    5. Ecomency - Best for Buying Stores on Sale

    Ecomency offers pre-built Shopify stores that cost between $100 and $239. The cheaper stores, on sale now, first came out in 2021. The $239 store is a newer one from 2023.

    The less expensive stores focus on outdoor clothing, while the more expensive one sells pet supplies.

    Both types of stores include:

    • A professionally designed, easy-to-use Shopify store

    • A choice of 15 to 50 products

    • A customized look for the store

    • A professional logo

    • Important Shopify apps already added

    • Search engine-friendly product titles

    • 30 days of support

    Please note, Ecomency charges extra if you want to change how the store looks. They don’t do completely custom projects, so their service is best if you like the store options they already have.

    Ecomency Pros and Cons

    👉 Ready-to-Launch Stores: Ecomency has stores ready to go, which helps you start selling fast.

    👉 Optimized for Conversions: Their stores are set up to help turn visitors into buyers.

    👉 Platform Specific: Ecomency only creates stores for Shopify, so it’s not a good fit if you want to use a different e-commerce platform.

    Blog Tip
    💡 Did you know

    Ecomency is known for quick e-commerce setups. But fast setups might miss some key details. Shopifico, on the other hand, offers well-made Shopify stores along with useful guides.

    So while Ecomency gets you started fast, Shopifico ensures you also have the tools and knowledge for success. If you value both speed and quality, Shopifico is the top choice.


    6. BigBuy - Best for European Sellers

    BigBuy  helps people sell products online without storing them. They focus on Europe but can ship products worldwide. They handle all the shipping and work well with Shopify.

    Why BigBuy? 

    • Great for selling in Europe since their products are located there.

    • Shipping outside Europe, like to the USA, might take longer and have extra fees.

     Big-Buy's Drop shipping Shop 360 

    • Ready-to-use online store that connects directly with Big-Buy for products and shipping.

    • Costs €790 per store.

    • You can choose different types of stores, like perfume, home appliances, adult products, watches, kitchen items, costumes, computers, and more.

    Each store features:

    • A shop that updates automatically with products, prices, and stock.

    • Your own website address and design.

    • Tools to create newsletters and banners.

    This setup helps keep everything running smoothly, from updating product details to managing orders and shipping costs.

    BigBuy Pros and Cons

    👉 Wide product range.

    👉 Multi-language support.

    👉 Membership fees for best deals.


    7. Freelancer Marketplace - Best for Custom Stores

    Instead of buying a premade Shopify store, you can hire someone to create a custom one for you with products that are likely to sell well.

    You can find experts who build Shopify stores on websites like Upwork and Fiverr.

    Upwork and Fiverr are places where you can find freelancers who do different kinds of work. You can look at their past projects, see what skills they have, and read reviews from other people who have hired them. This helps you pick the best person for your job.

    On Upwork , people charge by the hour and you can customize your project as much as you need. On Fiverr , freelancers offer specific tasks, called "gigs," for a fixed price.

    You can chat with freelancers on both sites to tell them what you want, discuss how much it will cost, and decide how long it should take.

    Freelancer Marketplace Pros and Cons

    👉 Variety of Skills: Choose from many freelancers who are good at different things like design, building websites, or finding products.

    👉 Flexibility: Shape your project to fit what you need and how much you want to spend. You can start or stop your project anytime.

    👉 Consistency and Reliability Issues: Sometimes the quality and dependability can be unpredictable. Some freelancers might not finish work on time or meet your standards, which could mean you have to spend extra time fixing problems.

    Buying Existing Shopify Stores

    All the marketplaces listed let you buy existing Shopify stores.

    Most of these marketplaces help buyers and sellers work together safely. They check to make sure everyone is who they say they are to protect both sides.


    8. Flippa - Best for Safely Buying Existing Shopify Stores

    Flippa is a  popular  place to buy or sell websites and online businesses. Right now, they have more than 5,000 Shopify sites you can buy. 

    On Flippa, you can easily search for just the drop-shipping sites by using filters.

    For each site for sale, you can see:

    • How old the site is

    • How much money it makes each month

    • Its profit margin (how much money it makes after costs)

    • How many people visit the site each month

    • Whether the site’s info has been checked and confirmed

    If a listing is verified, it means Flippa’s team or a professional has made sure the information about the site's performance is true.

    You can also chat directly with the person selling the site right on Flippa. This is safe because all your messages are saved, so you have proof of what you both said.

    Flippa also gives lots of extra help to make buying or selling a site easy. They have their own team and suggest brokers to help you, and advisors to make sure everyone gets a fair deal and the payment process is safe.

    Flippa Pros and Cons

    👉 Large Selection: Flippa has a big list of over 5,000 Shopify sites for sale, so you have lots of choices.

    👉 Verified Listings: Flippa checks to make sure the info about how well the sites are doing is right.

    👉 Quality Variability: With so many sites for sale, their quality can be really different. You’ll need to look carefully to find a good one.


    9. BuySellEmpire - Best for Low Multiples

    BuySellEmpire is a smaller place to buy and sell online businesses. They only have 12 businesses for sale, while a bigger site like Flippa has over 5,000.

    The prices at BuySellEmpire are usually lower. This could be a chance to get a good deal, but it might also mean the businesses aren’t as well-established or could have some issues.

     For each business listed, you can see: 

    • A short description

    • The price they are asking for

    • How much money the business makes

    • The profit (likely what you keep after costs)

    • How much work it needs

    Pros and Cons

    👉 No fees for buyers: You don’t pay any extra costs; the seller covers all the fees.

    👉 Check-out period: You get 7 to 21 days to look closely at all the business details like how much it earns, spends, the website traffic, ads, and more before you decide to buy.

    👉 Fewer choices: There are only 12 businesses for sale, so there aren't as many options as other places.

     Important to know: 

    • BuySellEmpire checks each business a bit, but you should definitely do your own research to make sure everything looks good.

    • They don’t help you take over the business, but they do offer training after you buy to help you start off.

    10. Empire Flippers - Best for Buying Reliable and Established Stores

    Empire Flippers is a website where you can buy and sell online stores. 

    It's our top pick because they check everything very carefully. They only list stores that are already making money, so if you buy one, you'll start earning right away.

    You can look for stores by type or use filters like how they make money and price to find the perfect one for you.

    For each store, you can see: 

    • The price they're asking for

    • How much profit it makes each month

    • Total sales

    • How it makes money

    • How many times the monthly profit is the asking price

    • Profit margin

    • When the store was created

    • Lots of details about the store

    There's also a chart that shows how much the store has made and spent over time.  This helps you understand if the store does well all year, has busy seasons, or if it's growing or shrinking.

    You can talk to Empire Flippers to see the store's website, proof of earnings, and ask the seller any questions.

    Empire Flippers also has a team to help transfer the store to you, making everything safe and simple. 

    Empire Flippers Pros and Cons

    👉 High Quality: All the stores are already successful, so you're buying something that works.

    👉 Great Support: They have experts to guide you through the buying process.

    👉 More Expensive: These stores cost more because they are profitable.

    👉 Fewer Options: There aren't as many stores to choose from because they only accept the best.

    The Advantages of Pre-Built Dropshipping Stores

    Quick Setup:  Buying a pre-built store means you don't have to build a website from scratch, which saves a lot of time. You just pick out the products you want to sell and maybe tweak the design a bit.

    Looks Professional:  These stores are set up by design pros, so they look good and work well right away. This makes your store seem more trustworthy to visitors.

    Products Ready to Sell:  Many of these stores already have products chosen for certain types of customers. This means you don't have to spend a lot of time picking products and adding them to the store.

    Easy Payment Process:  These stores come with payment systems already set up, so it's easy for customers to buy things and for you to handle sales.

    Good for Google Search:  These stores are set up to do well in Google searches from the start, which can help more people find your store naturally.

    Works Well on Phones:  With more people shopping on their phones, it’s important that these stores work well on mobile devices too.

    Help When You Need It:  Most places that sell these stores also offer help if you run into problems.

    Stays Up-to-Date:  The companies that sell these stores make sure they keep up with the latest e-commerce trends and updates.

    Choosing a pre-built store can be a smart move if you want to start selling online quickly without the hassle of setting up everything from the beginning.

    Blog Tip
    💡 Tips

    Starting a store from scratch can be really hard and take a lot of time, especially if you're new to selling things online. Choosing a prebuilt Shopify store can save you a bunch of time and effort. These stores usually come with a premium Shopify theme that makes your store look better and work better, which customers really like.

    When you buy from trusted websites where you can buy a prebuilt Shopify store, you're getting a shop that's all set up and ready to go. With a prebuilt store, you can spend more time on important stuff like customer service, helping you start your business smoothly and efficiently.

    Conclusion: Find Your Perfect Prebuilt Shopify Store!

    We've looked into the 10 best places to buy a ready-made Shopify store. Each place has different benefits and prices, so you can pick the one that fits what you need for your business. You could choose from options like Shopifico, Fiverr, Brandafy, or others. Buying a store that’s already set up can help you start your online business quickly.

    Choosing the right place can save you time and effort, give you a store that looks professional, and provide support and helpful tips. But it’s really important to look closely at each option, weigh the good and bad points, and check everything carefully before you buy.

    By following the steps in this guide, you can find a trustworthy and profitable Shopify store that meets your goals. Get ready to start your own business adventure in the online shopping world!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What should I look for when I am looking to buy one of the prebuilt Shopify stores?

    When you're thinking about buying a Shopify store, make sure it has everything you need. Look for a good template, an easy way to set it up, and help available for starting your store. Also, check that the website works well and everything is ready for you to run it smoothly.

    Are dropship stores a good option for those looking for a quick and easy way to start an ecommerce business?

    Yes, dropship stores are a simple way to start selling things online. They handle all the product stock for you, so it's really easy to manage. These stores are set up quickly with product pages and everything you need already sorted out, so you can start selling fast.

    How can I ensure that the ecommerce website I purchase is easy to find and market?

    Make sure your online store shows up naturally on social media and consider using influencers or paid ads to help promote it. These methods can really help more people see your store.

    What are the key features to look for in a template when buying prebuilt Shopify stores?

    When choosing a template for your website, pick one that looks good and matches your brand. Make sure it works well on phones and is easy to use. Check that the template has everything you need for selling things online, like places to show your products, a shopping cart, checkout options, and areas for customer accounts.

    What are the benefits of buying custom Shopify stores for sale on websites where you can buy Shopify stores?

    Buying custom Shopify stores from these websites lets you pick a store that matches exactly what you want for your business and how you like things to look. These sites offer many choices and setting up the store is usually easy, so you can start your business fast.

    What do you need to do after buying a prebuilt Shopify store?

    After buying your Shopify store, there are a few steps to get it ready:

    1.  Check the Setup:  Make sure everything in the store is set up correctly.

    2.  Personalize Your Store:  Change the settings to match what you want your store to look like.

    3.  Add Products:  If you need to, put your own products into the store.

    4.  Set Up Payments and Shipping:  Choose how you want to get paid and how you’ll send products to customers.

    5. Start Marketing:  Begin advertising to bring people to your store and start selling.

    How does influencer marketing contribute to the success of newly bought Shopify stores?

    Influencer marketing can help you get more visitors and sales for your new Shopify store. It works by using popular people on social media who are respected in your area of business. They can help make more people aware of your brand and trust it. This can be a really good way to promote your store.

    Can you recommend any websites where you can buy Shopify stores that offer a range of dropship and custom options?

    Websites like Flippa, Empire Flippers, and Exchange Marketplace are great spots to buy Shopify stores. On these sites, you can find different types of stores like dropship stores, where you sell products you don’t keep in stock, or custom stores that are tailored to specific needs. They have options for different budgets, so you can find something that fits what you can spend.

    What should I consider before running a campaign with paid ads for my Shopify store?

     Before you start paying for ads, make sure you do a few things: 

    •  Fix up your product pages:  Make sure they look good and have all the info people need.

    •  Know who you’re selling to:  Make sure your ads are aimed at the right people.

    •  Set a budget:  Decide how much money you can spend on ads.

    •  Make cool ads:  Your ads should grab people’s attention.

    Also, try different ads and ways of doing things to see what works best for what you’re selling and who you’re selling to.

    Might also someone consider alternatives to buying a Shopify store?

    Instead of buying a ready-made store, someone might choose to build their own store from the beginning if they have special needs that those stores don't meet. This way, they can make the store look and work exactly how they want it to.

    How much does Shopify premium theme cost?

    Buying a paid Shopify theme can feel pricey, especially if you’re new to selling things online. These themes usually cost between $200 and $350, which might seem like a lot to spend at first.

    How to optimize your product pages?

    Make Your Page Easy to Find (SEO Optimization):

    • Use important words (keywords) in your page's title and description that people might type into Google.
    • Make sure the words on your page match what you say in the title and description.
    • Use headings to make your page easy to read and organize your information.
    • Put important words throughout the page, like in the names of your products, the descriptions, and even in reviews.
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