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    Best Places to Buy Prebuilt Shopify Stores Top 15 Platforms

    Written by: Nur Islam



    Time to read 27 min

    Are you looking to start an online shop but find the process too complicated? Check out our prebuilt Shopify stores! Are you looking to start an online shop but find the process too difficult? Check out our prebuilt Shopify stores!

    Good news! There's a faster way: Prebuilt Shopify Stores. Instead of building from the ground up, buy one ready-to-go. It's like moving into a furnished apartment – no heavy lifting! Wondering where to find these stores? Stay with me.

    Today, I will share the top 15 places to purchase a pre-built Shopify store. Let's get started! Let's get started!

    Save time on setup and design. Pre-built stores offer ready-to-use themes, products, and settings. Click here to browse ready-made stores

    Where to buy a Prebuilt Shopify store: An overview

    Before we talk about each platform, here's a quick list of the best places to get a Shopify store that's already set up.

    Platform Types of stores Price range


    $300 – $2500+


    Fully custom
    $10 – $3000+



    $400 – $1 million+


    $300 – $5 million+

























    Exchange Marketplace









    Why Buy a Prebuilt Shopify Store?

    Are you considering starting an online business? Keep in mind that it requires hard work and dedication. You must choose products, create a website, promote it, and assist customers. However, there are two paths to take: Build a website from scratch or purchase a pre-made Shopify store. But there's an even quicker option: pre-built Shopify stores. Why might you prefer the pre-built alternative? 

    • It's Super Easy: Prebuilt Shopify stores are ready to go. There is no need to deal with designing or setting it up. You can start selling right away!
    • Saves Money: Starting from scratch or hiring someone can be pricey. A ready-made store is often cheaper, giving you a great store without breaking the bank.
    • Help is There: I bought a prebuilt store and have questions. Many sellers offer support after you buy. It's an excellent backup for those new to online selling.

    In short, a prebuilt store can be a simple, cost-effective, and supported way to enter e-commerce. You save time building a site. Instead, you get straight to growing your business.

    15 Best Prebuilt Shopify Stores

    A variety of different sources offer pre-built Shopify stores for sale online. If you plan to buy prebuilt Shopify stores, you must be careful. If you don't, your prebuilt store may not work correctly or have features you don't need.

    Now, want an online shop? Choose from this top Platform and get a prebuilt Shopify store. No setup stress - sell! But which ones are top-notch? Let's dive into the best 15 out there.


    A leader in the industry, Shopifico offers high-quality pre-made Shopify stores in various niches. Their stores are visually appealing and optimized for sales with great product descriptions and images.

    Purchasing a prebuilt Shopify store can save you time and offer an e-commerce kickstart. Platforms like Shopify have set a high standard in the industry, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck. Embark on your e-commerce journey confidently by choosing the right prebuilt store from the right platform.

    Dive into Shopifico's comprehensive collection tailored for all e-commerce enthusiasts.


    • Premium stores, like KiddieKrab, are already successful and proven.
    • 24-hour delivery and real organic traffic.
    • Genuine social media following and proven ad strategies.
    • Turnkey Solutions: Shopifico offers pre-built Shopify stores that are ready for immediate use, eliminating the hassle of setting up from scratch.
    • UGC Video Ads: The platform provides user-generated video ads, which can drive higher conversion rates and enhance trust among potential customers.
    • SEO Services: Shopifico offers search engine optimization techniques to boost the online visibility of their pre-built stores on significant search engines.
    • Customer Support: Shopifico emphasizes 24/7 assistance, ensuring that clients always have the support they need.


    • Elite features might come at a premium price.


    • One Product Store: Priced at $1199.00.
    • Multi Product Store: Priced at $2190.00.
    • Pre Built Dropshipping Store: Ranges between $389.00 to $789.00.

    Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Many platforms say they offer ready-to-use Shopify stores, but they aren't always great. Shopifico stands out by offering top-quality, beautifully designed Shopify stores. They are optimized for sales and have great product listings. Instead of getting a standard store, with Shopifico you get a great starting point for your online business. If you want a unique and effective solution, choose Shopifico and start your e-commerce journey with an advantage.

    Fiverr is a marketplace that links businesses with freelancers who provide various digital services. The platform covers, more than 500 service categories, including design, writing, programming, and digital marketing. Fiverr aims to revolutionize collaboration by prioritizing flexibility, affordability, and accessibility for service providers and clients. 


    • Diverse Range of Services: With over 500 categories, Fiverr offers a vast array of digital services, catering to almost any business need.
    • Accessibility: Fiverr provides a platform for freelancers worldwide, allowing businesses to tap into global talent.
    • Fixed Pricing: Services (often called "gigs") come with transparent, set pricing, making it easy for businesses to understand costs upfront.
    • User Reviews: Clients can review freelancers based on their performance, ensuring transparency and helping new clients make informed decisions.
    • Tiered Levels: Freelancers can achieve different levels (e.g., Level 1, Level 2, Top-Rated) based on their performance and customer reviews, helping clients identify experienced and reliable service providers.


    • Quality Variability: Given the platform's open nature, the quality of services can vary widely between freelancers.
    • Service Fees: Fiverr charges a percentage fee on transactions, which can add up for larger projects.
    • Communication Limitations: While Fiverr provides a messaging system, some users might find it limiting compared to direct communication methods.


    • Varies depending on the freelancer and services provided

    Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Fiverr and Shopifico both help people start in e-commerce, but in different ways. Fiverr offers many options for Shopify stores and other services like logos. But, because there's so much to choose from, it can be hard to find the best quality. On the other hand, Shopifico focuses on offering only top-notch Shopify stores. For example, our popular HuggiesBaby store shows our dedication to quality. Instead of going through many choices like on Fiverr, with Shopifico, you get the best picks. If you want the best without the search, Shopifico is the way to go.

    • Empire Flippers is a curated marketplace, for businesses connecting people who want to buy and sell ventures. They have facilitated the sale and buying of over $450 million worth of companies. Every Monday, they publish business listings on their platform. You can find types of businesses for sale there, such, as Amazon Associates, Amazon FBA, Display Advertising, and more. They also offer tools to test the value of a business. It has gained recognition from various media outlets.


    • Curated Listings: Empire Flippers curates its listings, ensuring high-quality acquisition options.
    • Comprehensive Service: The platform assists both buyers and sellers throughout the entire process, from listing to transfer.
    • Reputation: Empire Flippers is an Inc. 5000 company and has facilitated over $450+ million in online business sales.
    • Accurate Data: The platform emphasizes transparency, providing real revenue and profit data for listed businesses.
    • Done For You Migrations: Once a business is sold, the Empire Flippers team assists in transferring the asset.


    • High Standards: While the curation ensures quality, it also means many businesses are rejected from being listed.
    • Potential Premium Pricing: Given the reputation and services offered, businesses might be priced at a premium compared to other marketplaces.
    • Limited to Online Businesses: The platform specializes in online businesses, so those looking for brick-and-mortar opportunities might need to look elsewhere.


    The specific prices of businesses vary widely based on their profitability and type. For instance:

    • A music-related business with multiple monetization strategies (Amazon Associates, Affiliate, Display Advertising) is priced at $600,769.00.
    • An Amazon FBA business in the Home, Occasions & Gifts category is priced at $481,931.00.
    • A Display Advertising business in the News and education category is priced at $73,482.00.

    Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Empire Flippers and Shopifico both help in the e-commerce space, but they serve different needs. Shopifico sells established online businesses that make a lot of money. They check these businesses carefully and give buyers a lot of information about how they work, including their profits and customers. Empire Flippers meanwhile, offers ready-made Shopify stores for people who want to start their e-commerce journey easily and stylishly. if you want to buy an already successful business, go to Shopifico. If you want a fresh start with a new store, choose Empire Flippers.

    Flippa stands out as a marketplace where people can buy and sell various types of digital assets such, as websites, apps, domains, and online businesses. They have a range of offerings, including blogs, e-commerce stores, affiliate sites, SaaS businesses, and more. One thing that sets Flippa apart is their emphasis on trust and integrity. They have a team dedicated to vetting listings. Ensuring the accuracy of the operational information provided by sellers. Flippa also integrates data from platforms like Shopify, Stripe, and Google Analytics, among others, to give users an understanding of the businesses listed on their platform. Additionally, they provide tools, for business valuation. Have a network of buyers and investors.


    • Diverse Listings: Flippa offers a wide range of digital assets, from websites and apps to full-fledged online businesses.
    • Vetting Process: The platform emphasizes trust with a vetting team that reviews listings for accuracy and legitimacy.
    • Integrated Data: Flippa provides direct data connectivity from platforms like Shopify and Google Analytics, offering a transparent view of businesses.
    • Global Reach: Flippa boasts a large global community of buyers and sellers, facilitating numerous deals annually.
    • Comprehensive Tools: From business valuations to due diligence and financing, Flippa offers tools to assist buyers and sellers.


    • Competition: Given its popularity, buyers can compete significantly for high-quality listings.
    • Fees: Flippa charges listing and success fees, which can add up for higher-priced sales.
    • Due Diligence: While Flippa vets listings, buyers must conduct thorough due diligence before purchasing.


    • Small prebuilt stores: $100-$1000
    • Established stores: $1M-$5M

    Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

    Flippa is a popular platform where you can buy various online businesses. They're known for being transparent and giving detailed information about each listing. They also have a secure payment system and great after-sales services. But, with so many options on Flippa, it can be hard to choose. That's where Shopifico comes in. Instead of offering everything, Shopifico focuses on selling special single-product stores that are carefully chosen. Every store we offer is unique and represents a clear business opportunity. It's like shopping at a boutique store, but for online businesses. So, if you want a focused and handpicked store, think of Shopifico. While Flippa gives you a lot of options, Shopifico gives you carefully chosen ones.

    While pondering Ecommerceify, it's worthwhile to recall Shopifico's triumphs, such as the DesktopHydration store. Ecommerceify excels in crafting responsive and SEO-optimized prebuilt Shopify dropshipping stores. With expertise spanning over 50+ niches and having aided clients in amassing over $1M in sales, they are a force to be reckoned with. Ecommerceify provides stores with pre-selected trending products, an array of theme options, uniquely crafted product descriptions, high-resolution images, dedicated contact pages, order tracking features, and unwavering lifetime support.


    • Niche-specific solutions.
    • Training on handover.


    • Limited personalization.


    • Basic prebuilt store: $149
    • Advanced package: $299
    • Custom stores: $199-$399

    Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

    There are many places to get prebuilt Shopify stores, but Shopifico and Ecommerceify are two of the top names. Ecommerceify has some great stores . But Shopifico is special too. Shopifico isn't just a platform; it's a leader in Shopify dropshipping stores. They know about more than 50 different market areas and have helped clients make over $1M in sales. Their stores are carefully made, with popular products, clear images, and great descriptions. Plus, they offer features like easy contact pages, order tracking, and ongoing support. Even though they're one of many in this business, Shopifico stands out because of their quality.

    Dropship For Sale is a platform that specializes in creating ready-made Shopify dropshipping stores for entrepreneurs. The platform offers a range of store designs tailored to various niches, such as coffee, supplements, clothing, cosmetics, and candles. They emphasize providing professional and ready-to-sell stores, eliminating the need for individuals to research products or hire developers. The platform has been trusted by over 8,000 merchants since its inception in 2017.


    • Turnkey Solutions: Dropship For Sale offers ready-made stores, allowing entrepreneurs to start their businesses without the hassle of setting up from scratch.
    • Diverse Niches: The platform provides stores tailored to various popular niches, catering to a wide range of interests.
    • Comprehensive Services: For a monthly fee, they offer services like store setup, design, supplier integration, unlimited graphic design, domain registration, and more.
    • Transparency: The platform showcases real domains and store designs available for purchase.
    • Reputation: Trusted by over 8,000 merchants and has facilitated over $5 million in sales from their clients.


    • Pricing: The cost of pre-made stores might be high for some, especially those just starting out.
    • Limitation to Shopify: The platform focuses exclusively on Shopify, which might not cater to those interested in other e-commerce platforms.
    • Dropshipping Focus: While dropshipping is a popular business model, it might not be suitable for everyone, especially those looking for more control over their inventory and supply chain.


    • Monthly fee for primary prebuilt store: $99
    • One-time payment for ready-to-transfer stores: $495-$997

    Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

    In the world of e-commerce, many platforms offer bits and pieces, but Shopifico delivers a complete solution. What sets them apart? Their strategies for improving pre-built stores.

    New to eCommerce? A pre-built store can provide a quicker launch while you learn the ropes. Get started faster.

    Brandafy is a platform that focuses on building Shopify dropshipping stores for entrepreneurs. They place an emphasis, on crafting stores that effectively transform visitors into customers. Brandafy supports entrepreneurs throughout the setup process, starting from store design, to handpicking products and integrating reputable dropshipping suppliers. They provide both made Shopify stores and personalized store solutions that cater to the requirements of each individual.


    • Turnkey Solutions: Brandafy offers pre-made and custom Shopify dropshipping stores, allowing entrepreneurs to launch their online business quickly.
    • Winning Products: The platform selects best-selling, high-quality products from trusted suppliers, saving users the hassle of product research.
    • Professional Design: Brandafy focuses on creating stores that are designed to convert, using premium themes and designs.
    • Comprehensive Support: They provide 24/7 customer support and offer guidance on launching the store.
    • Affordability: Brandafy offers various pricing packages, including a standard store package starting at $17 and a custom Shopify store package starting at $599.


    • Platform Limitation: Brandafy focuses exclusively on Shopify, which might not cater to those interested in other e-commerce platforms.
    • Dropshipping Focus: The platform is tailored for dropshipping, which might not be suitable for everyone, especially those wanting more control over inventory.
    • Additional Costs: While the initial store setup is provided, there might be additional costs for add-ons or more advanced features.


    • Standard Store Package: Starting at $17, it includes features like a standard theme, logo design, 20 top-selling products, Shopify store setup, and more.
    • Custom Shopify Store: Starting at $599, it includes features like a premium theme, branded logo design, 45 top-selling products, Shopify store setup, and more. 

    Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

    Brandafy and Shopifico are both big names in e-commerce. Shopifico offers ready-made dropshipping stores with great designs and products. They even give you popular products for free and let you customize your store if you want. On the other hand, Brandafy is all about getting started quickly and efficiently in e-commerce. Both offer great choices, But Shopifico is Best

    Ecomprofithub is a platform designed specifically for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their stores using Shopify. They specialize in creating e-commerce websites that are highly optimized to attract visitors and generate sales. With Ecomprofithub, you can get a ready-to-go Shopify dropshipping store that comes with winning products and trusted suppliers. Their goal is to make the process of launching a dropshipping business as simple, as possible by taking care of the website design, product selection, and supplier integration. This means you can have your e-commerce business up and running within 24 hours.


    • Ready-to-Launch Stores: Ecomprofithub offers both pre-built and custom Shopify dropshipping stores, enabling users to start their online business swiftly.
    • Product & Supplier Integration: The platform selects top-selling products from trusted dropshipping suppliers, ensuring a seamless business operation.
    • Optimized Design: Ecomprofithub focuses on creating stores that are designed for conversions, using themes and designs that enhance the user experience.
    • Affordable Pricing: With promotional offers like stores for just $17, the platform provides an affordable entry point for new entrepreneurs.
    • 24/7 Support: Ecomprofithub offers round-the-clock customer support, guiding users through the launch process and addressing any queries.


    • Platform Specific: The services are tailored specifically for Shopify, which may not cater to those interested in other e-commerce platforms.
    • Dropshipping Model: The platform is centered around the dropshipping business model, which might not be suitable for everyone, especially those looking for more control over inventory.
    • Additional Costs: While the initial setup is affordable, additional costs might be associated with advanced features or add-ons.


    • Promotional Offer: As of the latest update, there's a super sale where new stores are available for just $17.
    • Premium Branded Store: Initially priced at $297, it's currently available for a one-time payment of $17 (promotional price). This package includes a full store setup, responsive design, premium theme, branded logo design, top US & worldwide suppliers, niche and product research, email marketing setup, and more.

    Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ 

    Starting with EcomProfithub is exciting. But don't forget to check out Shopifico's standout product, the EggstraLearn store. It's not just any store; it's designed for both looks and sales. While EcomProfithub gives you a general e-commerce view, Shopifico's EggstraLearn offers a deep dive into successful online selling.

    Ecomency is a platform that provides ready-to-use Shopify dropshipping stores for individuals interested in entering the e-commerce industry. Their platform offers a selection of pre-designed and customizable Shopify stores that are optimized to generate sales. Ecomencys ultimate goal is to simplify the process of starting a store, from scratch. They offer a range of store designs tailored to niches, ensuring entrepreneurs can find a store that suits their vision and target audience. By focusing on creating effective stores, Ecomency strives to assist users in establishing their online business.


    • Ready-to-Launch Stores: Ecomency offers both pre-built and custom Shopify dropshipping stores, facilitating a quick start for entrepreneurs.
    • Optimized for Conversions: The platform emphasizes creating stores that are designed to convert visitors into customers.
    • Diverse Store Designs: With various store designs available, users can choose a store that matches their niche and preferences.
    • Affordable Pricing: Ecomency offers competitive pricing for its pre-built stores, making it accessible for new entrepreneurs.
    • Customer Support: The platform provides 24/7 customer support, ensuring that users have assistance whenever needed.


    • Platform Specific: Ecomency focuses solely on Shopify, which may not cater to those interested in other e-commerce platforms.
    • Dropshipping Model: The platform is centered around the dropshipping business model, which might not be ideal for everyone, especially those wanting more control over inventory and supply chain.
    • Additional Costs: While the initial setup is affordable, additional costs might be associated with advanced features or custom designs.


    • Primary prebuilt store: $149
    • Advanced package: $299
    • Custom stores: $199-$399

    Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Ecomency is known for quick e-commerce setups. But fast setups might miss some key details. Shopifico, on the other hand, offers well-made Shopify stores along with useful guides. So while Ecomency gets you started fast, Shopifico ensures you also have the tools and knowledge for success. If you value both speed and quality, Shopifico is the top choice.

    BeBiggy is a platform that offers ready-made Shopify dropshipping stores for purchase. They provide various e-commerce solutions, including stores, premium, and exclusive dropshipping websites. These stores come equipped with products sourced from suppliers worldwide. They are designed to be fully operational and ready for launch. In addition to that, BeBiggy also provides courses and mentorship programs aimed at assisting store owners in achieving success, in the eCommerce industry.


    • Ready-to-go packages.
    • Post-sale support.


    • General design aesthetics.


    • Starter eCommerce Stores: Starting from $119 (after a 50% discount from the original price of $238).
    • Premium Shopify Dropship Stores: Starting from $299 (after a 50% discount from the original price of $599).
    • Exclusive eCommerce Stores: Starting from $499 (after a 50% discount from the original price of $999).

    Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

    BeBiggy offers fast, automated Shopify stores with good support and a 3-month free product service. They're great for quick setups. But Shopifico takes a different approach. Each of our stores is carefully crafted with passion and excellence. While BeBiggy focuses on speed, Shopifico provides a unique, story-driven e-commerce experience. If you want something more than just a store, choose Shopifico.

    Dropbuild is a platform that builds ready-to-go Shopify dropshipping stores for entrepreneurs. They offer Shopify stores that include products with engaging video ads, effective advertising strategies, and reliable suppliers. The platform aims to provide an experience, for individuals interested in entering the dropshipping industry, ensuring that their store is fully prepared for sales within a timeframe. With their clients earning over $112 million in 2022, Dropbuild has solidified its reputation as a trusted solution, within the dropshipping community.


    • Comprehensive Solution: Dropbuild offers a complete package, from store design to product selection, video ads creation, and advertising strategy.
    • Expertise: The platform boasts of extraordinary success in the dropshipping world, with its clients earning over $112 million in 2022.
    • Support & Guidance: Dropbuild provides lifetime expert support and guidance, ensuring that clients have the necessary resources to succeed.
    • Winning Products: The platform ensures that all products are tested by dropshipping experts to ensure their viability in the market.
    • Video Ads & Content: Clients receive high-converting video ads and content for social networks, enhancing their marketing efforts.


    • Platform Specific: Dropbuild focuses primarily on Shopify, which may not cater to those interested in other e-commerce platforms.
    • Dropshipping Model: The platform is tailored around the dropshipping business model, which might not be suitable for everyone, especially those wanting more control over inventory.
    • Additional Costs: While the initial setup is provided, there might be additional costs associated with Shopify's monthly subscription and domain name registration.


    • One-Product Store: Originally priced at $800, currently available for $449. This package includes a premium Shopify store with one winning product, niche research, video ads, Facebook ads strategy, and more.
    • Niche Store: Originally priced at $1,200, currently available for $599. This package offers a premium Shopify store with 10 winning products, 10 video ads, niche research, and other features.

    Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

    DropBuild and Shopifico are both top choices for ready-made Shopify stores. DropBuild offers comprehensive packages, including quality graphics, product research, and marketing strategies. Shopifico, on the other hand, stands out with its 'BKning' store, showing its expertise in picking products and branding that truly connect with customers. For those looking for a store with deep market insight, Shopifico's 'BKning' is a standout choice.

    Adsellr stands out as a notch marketing agency specializing in eCommerce. They offer various services to support business owners, such, as the use of Shopify stores, user-generated content videos, Facebook ad management, and search engine optimization (SEO). Adsellrs ultimate goal is to empower businesses by driving traffic and boosting sales through eCommerce marketing tactics. Their impressive track record speaks for itself, with their clients earning, over $112 million in the year 2022.


    • Comprehensive Services: Adsellr offers many eCommerce solutions, from pre-built Shopify stores to UGC videos and ad management.
    • UGC Videos: Adsellr specializes in creating UGC videos with a 45% higher click-through rate (CTR) than standard ads.
    • Proven Track Record: The agency boasts of its clients' success, with over $112 million earned in 2022.
    • SEO Services: Adsellr provides SEO services to increase organic traffic and visibility on Google.
    • Educational Content: The platform offers various dropshipping courses and guides to help online business owners succeed.


    • Service Specific: Adsellr focuses primarily on Shopify, which may not cater to those using other eCommerce platforms.
    • Dependence on Third-Party Platforms: Services like Facebook ad management rely on third-party platforms, which can change algorithms and policies.
    • Cost: While they offer various services, they can add up, especially for startups or small businesses.


    • Pre-Built Shopify Store: Prices vary, but they offer stores that allow users to start selling instantly. These stores are designed by expert web developers and come with winning products.
    • UGC Videos: Adsellr works with social media creators to provide high-converting UGC videos for advertising purposes.
    • Facebook Ads Management: Adsellr offers services to manage Facebook ad campaigns, aiming to increase return on ad spend (ROAS).
    • SEO Services: They offer SEO services to rank websites on the first page of Google and increase organic traffic.

    Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

    AdSellr is popular for its advertising and ready-made stores, even offering video ads. But Shopifico stands out by giving you more than just a store. Shopifico offer a detailed guide on marketing that helps both new and experienced store owners. With Shopifico, you get not only a shop but also the knowledge to make it succeed.

    dropshipping stores for sale

    Exchange Marketplace by Shopify

    Exchange Marketplace is the official Shopify platform that transforms entrepreneurs from zero to hero by offering a venue for buying and selling both new and established dropshipping businesses. The platform extracts information directly from Shopify, guaranteeing transparency for both buyers and sellers. Each listing provides comprehensive descriptions of the store's history, reasons for selling, and intricate details about the business. To ensure a smooth transaction, Exchange Marketplace utilizes an escrow system for secure payments, aids in the ownership transfer process, and offers 24/7 Shopify support post-purchase.


    • Wide variety of businesses in numerous countries and niches
    • Thorough descriptions of store information and history
    • Escrow system for secure payments


    • Transfer store process may take at least 3 days
    • Some websites have poor design and slow loading speeds


    • Starter ready-made Shopify dropshipping stores: as low as $50
    • Established businesses: at least $1M

    Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ 

    Exchange Marketplace is Shopify's official platform, offering clarity and support for entrepreneurs looking for dropshipping stores. They focus on transparency and have a safe transaction system. But Shopifico offers a unique touch. Shopifico provide premium, standout Shopify stores ready to make a mark. For example, HuggiesBaby store showcases commitment to quality. If you want to excel in e-commerce, Shopifico is the place to be.

    shopify websites for sale

    BigBuy's vast catalog echoes the diversity found in Shopifico's collections. But BigBuy is more than just a platform for buying prebuilt Shopify dropshipping stores; it's a wholesale dropshipper headquartered in Spain. They present a holistic 360-degree turnkey store solution, seamlessly integrating with their broad product lineup. With 20,000-square-meter logistics facilities in the EU, BigBuy ensures swift deliveries to numerous European and North American destinations. Furthermore, their premade Shopify dropshipping stores can readily sync with e-marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, and Google Shopping, granting merchants multiple avenues for sales.


    • Wide product range.
    • Multi-language support.


    • Membership fees for best deals.


    • Premade Shopify dropshipping store: €790
    • Activation fee: €99
    • Subscription fee: €69-€99/month

    Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Shopifico and BigBuy are big names in e-commerce. While Shopifico offers quality custom Shopify stores, BigBuy is known for its vast product range and turnkey store solutions. Based in Spain, BigBuy ensures fast deliveries in Europe and North America due to its large logistics centers. Plus, they easily integrate with major online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Depending on what you need, both platforms have strong points.

    Lemon. Dev is an eCommerce web agency specializing in creating Shopify stores and providing related services. Founded in 2020, the platform initially aimed to assist entrepreneurs in integrating with fashion dropshipping providers. However, they soon expanded their services to cater to a broader range of industries within the eCommerce realm. offers a product named "Liv," which is a personal assistant for store setup, handling tasks from initial store configuration to product collection synchronization. Additionally, they have "Liv Tag Pro," a tool designed to automate the process of managing product tags and categories.



    • Comprehensive Services: offers various services, from store setup to product tagging automation.
    • Liv & Liv Tag Pro: These tools simplify the process of store setup and product management, respectively.
    • Expertise in Dropshipping: The platform provides resources and support for those looking to start or grow their dropshipping business.
    • Testimonials: Positive feedback from clients indicates high satisfaction with's services.
    • Support & Communication: The platform emphasizes open communication, with easy contact options available.


    • Niche Focus: While they offer services for various industries, they initially focused on fashion dropshipping, which might not cater to everyone.
    • Platform Specific: primarily focuses on Shopify, which may not be suitable for those interested in other eCommerce platforms.
    • Young Company: Founded in 2020, is relatively new in the market, which might concern some potential clients.

    Price: The extracted content did not provide specific pricing details for their services. However, they offer products like "Liv" and "Liv Tag Pro," which are likely to have associated costs. For detailed pricing and service packages, visit directly would be recommended.

    • Premade Shopify dropshipping store: €1,499
    • BrandsGateWay subscription fee: €197/month

    Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ 

    Lemon.Dev and Shopifico are big in the online world. Lemon.Dev creates Shopify stores that connect with Sweden's luxury BrandsGateWay, giving access to top brands like Nike and Dolce & Gabbana. They offer features like real-time updates, custom logos, and marketing tools. Meanwhile, Shopifico caters to newcomers in e-commerce, making things easy and user-friendly. While Lemon. Dev provides a luxury shopping experience, Shopifico makes starting in e-commerce simple and approachable.

    The Advantages of Pre-Built Dropshipping Stores

    Swift Setup: Pre-built stores eliminate the need to construct a site from scratch, saving substantial time. Your primary task becomes inventory selection and some design personalization.

    Professional Look: These stores are curated by design experts, ensuring an aesthetic and functional interface that's ready for business. This professionalism can enhance the credibility and trust of visitors.

    Niche-ready Product Listings: Many pre-built stores have a predefined set of products aligned with specific niches. This saves you from the labor-intensive product research, selection, and listing process.

    Integrated Payment Solutions: Ready-made stores typically come with integrated payment gateways, simplifying the transaction management process and ensuring a smooth customer experience.

    Optimized for SEO: Having a store optimized for search engines from the get-go can be a game-changer. Pre-built stores often adhere to SEO best practices to boost organic traffic.

    Mobile Responsiveness: Given the increasing trend of mobile shopping, these stores are usually optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless shopping experience across platforms.

    Consistent Support: Many providers of pre-built stores offer ongoing technical support. This means you're never truly on your own if challenges arise.

    Regular Updates: As e-commerce evolves, stores need to stay updated. With pre-built options, the Platform or provider often rolls out necessary updates, ensuring the store remains current.

    Opting for a pre-built dropshipping store is a strategic choice, especially for those keen on kick-starting their e-commerce journey without the hurdles of building a site from scratch. 

    Conclusion: Find Your Perfect Prebuilt Shopify Store!

    After extensive research and analysis, we have explored the 15 best places to buy a prebuilt Shopify store. Each Platform offers unique benefits and pricing options, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your business. Whether you choose Shopifico, Fiverr, Brandafy, or any other provider, purchasing a prebuilt Shopify dropshipping store can be a shortcut to starting your online business.

    With the right provider, you can save time and effort, have a professional-looking store, and access valuable knowledge and support. However, it's important to carefully evaluate each provider, consider the pros and cons, and perform due diligence before purchasing. Following the steps outlined in this guide, you can confidently find a legitimate and profitable prebuilt Shopify dropshipping store that aligns with your goals and aspirations. So, prepare to embark on your entrepreneurial journey and make your mark in the e-commerce world!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. Why should I consider pre-built Shopify stores?

      Pre-built Shopify stores are designed to give entrepreneurs a head start. They come with a professional design, essential apps, and sometimes even with sourced products. This saves a significant amount of time and effort that goes into building a store from scratch.

    2. What makes Shopifico™ the top choice among these providers?

      Shopifico™ excels due to its unique offerings like successful and proven stores, real organic traffic from searches, a genuine social media following for each store, and a robust money-back guarantee.

    3. Are these stores ready for immediate sales?

      Most of these pre-built stores are designed to be sales-ready. However, it's always good to personalize them to your brand and check all settings before starting your marketing campaigns.

    4. Do these platforms offer post-purchase support?

      Most of the platforms, including Shopifico™, offer post-purchase support. However, the duration and extent of support might vary. It's crucial to check this before making a purchase.

    5. Can I customize the pre-built stores after purchasing?

      Yes, once you purchase a pre-built store, you have full control over it. You can customize the design, products, apps, or any other aspect as per your requirements.

    6. Is it more expensive to buy a pre-built store than building one myself?

      While there might be an upfront cost for pre-built stores, they can save you time and potential design or functionality-related expenses in the long run. The value is in the accelerated start and the reduced need for initial trial and error.

    7. How do I ensure the success of my pre-built Shopify store?

      While the store's foundation is vital, its success also depends on factors like marketing, customer service, and product quality. Continuously learning, like reading through Shopifico's comprehensive guides, can be beneficial.

    Discover the reasons why pre-built Shopify stores are the secret weapon for eCommerce newcomers. And if you're ever looking for a store for sale in 2023, visit our dedicated section!

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